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  1. Haven't seen any kind of updated information on this shotgun for a while. Remington appears to be making newer models, including a shorter barreled tactical version with an extended magazine. Anyone currently running a V3, not necessarily the newer model, just in general and having any luck? Looking at a better alternative to the Mossberg 930, while more affordable than the Beretta 1301.
  2. It's a rough estimate and it may be a bit over two pounds after looking things up. On the walmart website it says shipping weight is 4.7 pounds and I used a little over half of the container. I filled up the sock, tied it off and tried to make it as close in shape to a bean bag that would fill the stock. I can add some more now that I know how much room there is with the stock pad. I am going to work on getting an exact weight of the sock and will try to report that next week with results from using sub 1200 fps loads. I am also going to shoot it with the stock pad without the sock to see if there is any actual difference. Overall it wasn't very bad even with the 1290 stuff but 160 rounds in a couple of hours kinda caught up with me.
  3. I honestly couldn't say, I forgot to take it out and see. I was mainly checking to see if adding any weight would cause any hang ups. I am going to try to get out again on Tuesday next week to do some more testing.
  4. In regards to using a recoil reducer(Garmil), I didn't buy one but I filled a thin sock with about 3000 .177 bbs from Walmart and stuffed it in the stock (total cost was 9 dollars for 2 socks and 6000 bbs). It still has a little bit of room and the exact number is unknown. Weight wise I would say about a pound and a half. I took my M3000 out for the first time since picking it up a couple of weeks ago. I forgot to pick up some sub 1200 fps shells so 1200 was the slowest I had. Here is what I shot out of it in order of what was fired: 25 - Estate "Game and Target Load" 1 oz 8 shot 3-1/4 Dram 1290 fps (No issues) 25 - Winchester "Super X Upland and Small Game" 1 oz 7-1/2 shot 1290 fps (Multiple extraction issues, but I attribute it to the rim of the shell, it was quite a bit more rounded than the others) 25 - Remington "Game Loads" 1 oz 7-1/2 shot 1290 fps (No issues) 25 - Winchester AA "Super-Handicap Heavy Target Load" 1-1/8 oz 7-1/2 shot 1250 fps (No issues) 25 - Federal "Blue Box Target Load" 1 oz 3 Dram 7-1/2 shot 1250 fps (No issues) 25 - Federal "Bulk Pack Field and Target Multi-Purpose Load" 1-1/8 oz 3 Dram 7-1/2 shot 1200 fps (No issues) 10 - Remington "Gun Club Target Loads" 1-1/8 oz 7-1/2 shot 1200 fps (No issues) I stopped at 10 of the Remington "Gun Club" because to be honest, my shoulder was not liking me at that point. This was with the stock pad (waiting for my new one to come in), added weight in a sock stuffed in the stock, extended magazine tube and loaded the gun with 10 + 1. I tried shooting from the hip and had no issues at all. Next week or so I am going to try and get some 1145 fps stuff and see how that works out. I seriously doubt it will cycle the sub 1000 fps low recoil low noise stuff with or without the added weight, but I'll try it if anyone wants to know if it works.
  5. I think the benelli springs will work. The CZ thread on here indicates that parts for an M1 or M2 work (trigger springs) and the Nordic tube is the same one you would order for a benelli so I am inclined to say it "should" work.
  6. No real first hand on the m3000 but some on the m3500, and they have been on various forums and reviews from purchases. I am interested to see if the test works on a lighter load though.
  7. Everything I have read on it says they don't work together.
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