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  1. Ruber

    SP01 in California

    Yep, a great thread! Being another CA guy, I have this printed out and sitting on my workbench.Welcome to the forum!
  2. Ruber

    drifting sight

    Ha! I shot one of their carbines once, that was pretty fun! Other than that, I couldn't tell you if their slides even had drift adjustable sights or not... Good luck with the new gadget!
  3. Ruber

    drifting sight

    I needed the top clamp on Hi Powers, but not for S&W's, CZ's or any 1911's I've tried.
  4. Ruber

    drifting sight

    Yes, great for CZ'sIf you have other pistols, the p500 universal is worth it's weight in gold, you can go in on one of those with your buddies. Much more tedious to set up for a single gun though.
  5. Hey all, hope it's ok to bring this one back up to the top. I'm looking for a good 10mm lead free load,. I like blue dot, but wouldn't hesitate to use unique either as listed in the Barnes manual. Anyone have experience with this bullet in 10mm auto? Pros/cons? Thanks
  6. Just cause it was mentioned, thought I'd add my two cents...The CA Smiths with the Swartz style FPB are pretty easy to deal with, but do have more tiny spring loaded parts that can get easily lost. But the FPB parts are very accessible, held in by the thumb safety and the rear sight. They can be tweaked and tuned a bit, but still a pain if you want it more sensitive. Still, while I love the SW1911's, the ones I have had and handled are great field/carry guns and lack the weight of the RO or heavier Colts. There are also two versions of the external extractor (at least) with both working, but the beefier one working really well. Some of the performance center models with the extra weight and sturdy extractor can really hold up and perform well, but I don't know if they perform up to their price point. I believe the TA's are heavy e-series guns without the FPB and even a bit heavier than the RO, for the right price I would really like one. But right now, I load fairly stout heavy hardcast loads for one Smith and light fast Barnes HP's for the other, they make great camp guns at about 8 oz lighter than my Colt or Springfield GI. I think you made the right choice with the RO, if I were starting with 1911's now, that would be my pick! Enjoy!
  7. Ruber

    Sig and Lucas Oil

    Yep, a fan of both, fun to see the car and crew all done up! Sig's been posting a bunch of photos of the car and crew.
  8. Hello all! Totally new to this forum, but I've been enjoying it, so I thought I should join. In the shooting world, I started with trap then spent quite a lot of time shooting high power matches with my dad when he retired. Then came a son and I slowed down on the long guns. My brother in law got me into practical handgun shooting, but I never excelled at that, but took to handgun silhouette. At least I got to where I could be in local competitions and still have a wife to come home to. Still, I loved my Hi Powers and wanted to shoot autos well. Along came son 2, and all shooting slowed down, but I had lots of late nights with the lights on low, perfect for reading. A couple years ago my wife got me Brian's book on practical shooting and I had the time to read it through and through again. The boys are old enough now that I'm getting some shooting time in. I'm taking my oldest boy to the local CMPs and I'm getting some time with handguns. Something gelled, and reading Brian's book brought it all together, and I gotta say it was the best thing for my handgun shooting in 20 years, so I found myself here. I still spend time on the CMP forum and Shotgun World, and recognize some folks from other forums too, but am really here to learn as much as I can. Thanks all for welcoming me in! -Ruber (aka Red)
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