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  1. I am not looking to lighten the slide for a competitive advantage, I am simply looking to increase my ability to perform one handed manipulations should the need arise. I guess I just don't understand why giving an official IDPA answer is so difficult. But thank you for the replies.
  2. Before I start let me say that I have already emailed IDPA multiple times with the response of "I will forward your email for the proper ruling". That was about 2 months ago...still no answer. I was looking into sending my glock 19 slide into ATEI for some serration work, but i want to be able to shoot it in the CCP division. Will having that work performed make it illegal for use in IDPA?? I know my local matches could probably care less, but I try to shoot the state matches as well and do not want to cause a problem. www.ateiguns.com was looking at enhanced front and rear serrations along with rear top serrations. IDPA states serrations are ok, but everything is in "1911" terms and references thanks for any input jason
  3. I picked mine up Monday and have about 200 rds through it. Very happy with it so far
  4. I like it. I shot an IDPA match last weekend with it and have zero complaints. Going to put a lot more round through it and see if it gets any smoother
  5. Good News!! So after swapping parts to no avail....I had one of the local range armorers take a look to see if anything looked off to him. He took it all apart, said it looked ok to him, only thing he noticed was a little bit of crap in the firing pin channel. so a quick brush through, sprayed it with some cleaner, reassembled and sure enough ... Bang! I put 100 rounds though it after that and will be going back tomorrow to put about another 200 through it to make sure it is good to go for saturday. FYI I am currently using the Zev striker with the stock striker spring. Thank you all for your help and assistance.
  6. CCI primers....have shot over 5k of them without issues, had a couple hard ones but they always went off with another hit. I will report back once i have more info after trying to shoot tonight - thanks for the help i greatly appreciate it
  7. It wasnt a match, it was a practice that just runs stages. in the slide i changed the striker and the striker spring. I changed the safety plunger and the safety plunger spring. As far as the trigger goes i replaced the trigger assembly with Zevs drop in competition trigger assembly. I changed nothing in the Zev drop in kit. The ammo is my reloads that I have been using for the past 6-7 months, nothing has changed in the ammo - same powder, same primers, same bullets, havent changed the settings on the press. My main question was if something in the trigger assembly could cause my problem. I know i dont have all the details like if there was a mark on the primers, but that will come tonight when I go try to shoot again. I am putting the slide back to factory and trying it on the frame as it sits now. If that works, then I will try installing one component at a time to try to isolate what is causing my problem.
  8. in the quick transition to a gun that i knew worked. i forgot to look at the primers. i thought perhaps from a weak striker spring but i won't be able to test until later today after work.
  9. Ok I'm asking this question here because I have gotten positive results from previous questions with this forum. I installed a Zev drop in trigger assembly in my gen4 34. I also installed a zev firing pin/spring, safety plunger and spring. Now i had been waiting to get my frame back from being modified, I got it back yesterday, popped out the 3 pins, dropped in the trigger. reassembled. Function checked for proper trigger reset and headed to the range for IDPA practice. First stage - beep - click. nothing. racked, click again. I put the 34 away and finished the practice with my 19. Before I start going crazy I had one question. Could the drop in trigger kit cause this problem or is it most likely in the slide assembly. I will be going back to my local range and swapping out to factory parts in the slide, but in the slim chance it still acts up I was hoping for a little guidance from the seasoned veterans on this site. thanks jason
  10. Ordered a guide rod and spring last thursday March 26th. Got charged for it but have had zero communication as far as estimated shiping or arrival date. If its a small shop i understand, but this is pushing it a little far. Everyone said Jager was the place to go for a guide rod/spring. Just hoping to hear back from someone.
  11. Why would I make fun of you? That huge damn button really should do what we all want it to do. Guess how I found out what it does? Haha, i guess other forums make me wary of asking "newbie" questions. Now that i operate it correctly it works like a champ!
  12. Thank you sir....apparently i was doing it wrong. Thanks for not making fun of me
  13. I'm having a slight problem with my newly acquired m3000. When I load the tube and then attempt to chamber a round if there is more than one round in the tube, a second round follows the first and jams itself into the first and prevents the first round from chambering. Basically a double feed. I have searched brielfy and have had no luck finding similar threads. If there is one and I missed it I apologize. I have installed the parts from the MOA kit ( minus the disconnector ), and returned the tube back to the original 4 +1 configuration and it still does the same thing. Any help from the seasoned veterans would be great. i will admit I am a newbie to shotguns, i acquired this one for what i thought was a decent price and just trying to get it up and running for some clay shooting and possibly a 3gun match for fun. Thanks
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