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  1. Search for "Warner Valley Rd and 4700 E". It is an intersection just to the right of the Southern Pkwy Highway to the east of the SGU airport. From that intersection, you head south on 4700 E (the access road that runs parallel to the Southern Pkwy) and you STAY LEFT THE ENTIRE WAY. The road will curve left as you near the UT-AZ border, and it literally takes you right to the gate, where the only other option will be to cross the border into AZ.
  2. It's been live for a while, sign up here! https://practiscore.com/2021-cobalt-kinetics-practical-2-gun-championship/register
  3. I don't plan on ever having loaded rifles slung. A few stages will require you to start with an empty (and cleared during make ready) rifle slung.
  4. Suppressors will be allowed in any division on the carbines, but not handgun.
  5. yes. my plan right now is to either shoot staff match, or shoot stages prior to staff match to vet them, and remove my scores from the match so I can act as RM as well.
  6. REGISTRATION IS UP for the Cobalt Kinetics Practical 2-Gun Championship. April 22-23 (staff) and April 24-25 (main) in St. George, UT. One and a half days. 9 excellent 2-gun stages including 3 natural terrain. Cash prizes for divisions and categories. Additional random prize package given to EVERY shooter with many high value items and guns. Sign up for the main match here: https://practiscore.com/2021-cobalt-kinetics-practical-2-gun-championship/register STAFF: This will be a very easy match to staff (one and a half days, comfortable shooter turnaround time). You will get comped into the staff match, receive a staff gift package from a large sponsor, and if the match fills enough, revenue sharing as a flat stipend. If you'd like to shoot the match early on Thurs/Friday but cannot staff, please sign up for the staff match and select "no" for staff. Sign up for the staff match here: https://practiscore.com/2021-cobalt-kinetics-practical-2-gun-championship-staff-match-1/register
  7. Announcement coming soon with full info but I wanted to tease and get some feedback: I'll be putting on a 2-gun match at the new Cobalt Kinetics range in southern Utah. While I'm leading this effort, I will have strong support including Brian Nelson and the SUPS crew, who produced hugely successful matches in the past like the Hard as Hell 3-gun and 2-gun series, the Berry's Steel Opens, and the Magnus Cup. Dates will be April 24-25 for the main match, April 22-23 for the staff match. Round count: ~200 carbine, ~200 handgun. Three divisions: Practical, Competition, PCC In every division, there are no optics restrictions on carbines. The carbine rules will be as follows: Practical: No muzzle brakes or light BCGs allowed. 30rd mag limit (+1 to start). No optics restrictions. No trigger weight restrictions. Competition: Like tac ops, but no optics restrictions. No bipods/bags. PCC: Open rules, including bipods/bags. Handgun rules are tricky, but I am thinking along these lines: I want to avoid requiring shooters to change gear in order to participate, AND be competitive. A huge point of concern is the handgun rules. While I would like to allow 2011+slide dot for simplicity, I don't think it's the right time to do that across all divisions. So what are your opinions on the following? Practical Division is basically a limited gun with a slide mounted optic. Think decked out timmy glock 17 with a light and magwell, or a Staccato P DUO with an RMR. Anything goes short of comp, porting, frame mounted optic, and big sticks. Competition Division will allow your handgun to fall into either of two rulesets (you decide): Carry Optics OR Limited (irons). I am now wondering whether to limit the rifle to one optic (like tac ops) or simply allow multiple optics. I do not think the offset dot is a game changer, and it's very easy to add one to any rifle, so I will probably allow them. PCC Division handgun rules should mirror either Practical or Competition divisions, but I'm not quite sure which makes more sense. I am leaning toward the either/or CO or Limited optic for PCC as well. This is the most elegant solution I could come up with. I particularly like it because in major match finishes, the top CO and Limited shooters are usually extremely close in the overall. Granted that is Limited getting major scoring and shooting .40, but because of the higher risk/reward of the rifle portions of stages, this 2-gun match should be won and lost on the rifle portion, while demanding a certain minimum level of handgun marksmanship skills. Target distances will be 200 yards and closer. There will be no alternative PCC targets. Pistol portions of the stages will feel very USPSA-style Three epic natural terrain stages, six bay stages, one vendor area = 10 time blocks. Day 1: 6 time blocks (7am to 430pm) Day 2: 4 time blocks + awards (7am to 1pm shooting, then awards for an early finish) Cash Prizes for Division (top 3) and Category (top 2) winners. Random equipment prize for every shooter. I'll be doing my absolute best to get cool things from sponsors that you'll actually want. Note: everything is still being finalized, so feedback is welcome. What would you like to see and what advice would you give me as a new match director? DMs welcome
  8. What's your reasoning for not allowing CO guns in Limited Optics?
  9. Hey guys, I've been working on a proposed 2-gun ruleset that I'd hope to see club matches run on a national level. Here's a google doc I've been working on, compiling ideas from myself and a lot of others. It would be cool if you read it, and left some feedback by commenting here. The way the document works, is the most current updates will be at the start. Every new update I do to it, I will put in a different text color. As of right now (June 25th 2020), there's the initial proposal I wrote in black, and today's update in dark blue. Some quick notes: This is designed to be implemented at a club level nationwide Any USPSA club that allows rifle calibers to be shot on their bays can easily participate Is not designed to replace 3-gun or USPSA, but fit a segment somewhere in the middle, including elements of USPSA handgun and IPSC rifle. Division count is kept at 3, and designed to align as closely as possible with current USPSA Handgun and traditional 3-gun rifle division rules There is already a surprisingly large amount of interest, even from within the USPSA org, to run something like this, and I think now is the perfect time to talk about it and see if it's something we can start around the country! https://docs.google.com/document/d/133BVenBo0a3NGWCTOJr5m1_5qGbkEd9Jt2xUNjigK-Q/edit?usp=sharing
  10. Awesome! Glad you like the setup. It ran 100% for me too. I even used the cheap FM9 lower and Davidson defense uppers on the match gun, which both Lynda and I ran the whole match with 0 malfuctions, over 1100 rounds the whole time.
  11. No, Berry's was totally out and working on catching up on 115s first before even making more. So I ran 115s.
  12. Nationals prep took priority! Will catch up on a few things now, then back to content. I'll finish the 60 days of videos eventually just not all in a row.
  13. Do you have any match videos with it? Would be cool to see
  14. I forgot to post my last IG post in this thread. I postponed the series due to lack of ammo and contractors in the house. Shot local match today in Mesquite at Smoking Gun Club. Gun control not great and hits suffered, but I was happy with the match as a whole and I think I executed my plans pretty well. Lots of room for tuning up and improving before nats.
  15. I hold a little high. My close holds are pretty much subconscious at this point, although I do program during the stage walkthrough where exactly I want to see my dot on each target. You can never get around your offset holds at close distances. The further in you bring your zero, the more blown out the rest of your holds are. Just spend a bit of time getting used to holding a bit high up close. It's a lot easier to hold 2 inches off at 10 yards than it is at 75 haha.
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