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  1. was this off of their website? because i certainly didn't see it at all when i ordered it .. from my ipad. EDIT: i just checked the same site on a PC and saw the notice
  2. i just bought the extended basepads from CZ custom shop for a CZ-75 Tactical sport in 9mm. They extend your capacity to 23+1. i just installed them and now the first 8 rounds or so (from a full magazine) tend to nosedive so that the front lip of the magazine will catch the brass casing. did i install them wrong? do i need a longer spring or a different follower? is it because the basepad floor is at a different angle than the original bottom mag plate? does anyone else have this issue and how have you solved for it? thanks!
  3. so I replaced the interceptor latch again and i think i figured out what the problem is.... if the gun is upside down and you're looking into the loading port, the interceptor latch (part #60) is going to be on your right and the Feed latch (43) is going to be on your left. Normal Operation: when the bolt is locked back, the interceptor latch is rotated around its pin upwards towards the top of the receiver, engaging the next cartridge and stopping it from coming out of the magazine tube. When the bolt is closed, the interceptor latch is lowered to be flush with the bottom of the receiver and thus gets out of the way of the cartridge and the cartridge advances a few milimeters forward until it hits the feed latch. When you fire the gun, the bolt trips the feed latch and releases the next cartridge onto the carrier which then automatically triggers the carrier release and closes the bolt. My Situation: during a string of fire, the interceptor latch is sometimes getting in the way of the cartridge from proceeding forward and therefore the next cartridge never engages the feed latch. rather, it remains stuck on the interceptor latch. The bolt closes on an empty chamber. i'm pretty sure this latch isnt flopping around, but rather the shell is sitting too low in the receiver based on the loading port work & polishing that i did around that area. does anyone know what i can do to fix this? or how to time this properly? only thing i can think of is to polish the front part of the interceptor latch. the part that engages the shell when it Shouldnt be. if i polish that part of it, then the shell should slip by it, but there should still be enough material on the interceptor to stop the shell from coming out when i need it to keep working.
  4. I can personally attest to the utter and compete truth to this. LOL and me too. my 3-gun matches have a 10" flashers at 200,250,300,350,&400
  5. thank you both. i'll look into the brownell's part. 3.99 seems like a good price to pay to test this out to see if it's the real problem! hopefully this doesnt have to go to a gunsmith but if need be i'd rather have a working gun than one that doesnt
  6. hi everyone, hopefully the collective knowledge of brian enos forums can help me out with my shotgun issue. I've been shooting a remington 1100 for my 3-gun matches. I've opened the loading port, added dave's metal works easy loader, and added capacity to 10+1 its been a great shotgun that will run light loads and heavy loads perfectly... until recently. the interceptor latch broke and so i replaced it with a new part. now, the shotgun double feeds intermittently. it appears that the interceptor is not catching the shell as it rushes by. this new part is not contoured like my original part (which was contoured along the lines of the loading port that i opened up). i would love it if a gunsmith who was familiar with 3-gun and familiar with remington 1100's had a chance to take a look at my shotgun and tune it properly for competition. thanks to anyone who might be of help and who might be able to point me in the right direction. location is santa barbara California.
  7. the SLOSA match sounds great! I've been doing alot of the X3 matches down in Piru and really enjoying them as well.
  8. i'd love to try it out. when are your 3-gun matches? Do you have pistol matches too? what are the round counts? Santa Barbara's Winchester Canyon Gun Club does a monthly 3-gun but the round count is very small.
  9. can someone recommend a few 1-8 scopes for 3-gun? currently running eotech + flip magnifier, but i'm considering trying out a 1-8 scope.
  10. your standard a2 flash hider that comes stock will do just fine on your M&P15 sport for your first few matches. but Unless you're shooting at night alot, you'll find that there are more useful muzzle devices for 3-gun rather than flash hiders. there are alot of options in the world of Muzzle Breaks and Compensators. you'll find that the most basic designs are probably the most effective. but alot of people get obsessed with the way their gun looks and therefore overspend on a cool-looking compensator that is no more effective than a cheaper one. i have to give another +1 for the miculek compensator for an effective design at an affordable price.
  11. another +1 for invictus. happy customer, great customer service, great design for quadloading.
  12. weird. i have a 9+1 capacity and a 28 inch barrel and my tube is nearly the length of by barrel. why would that be when someone else has a 28 inch barrel and 12+1
  13. this might be a silly question. Why do so many 3-gun shotguns come in Barrel lengths of 20, 22, 24, or inches when people are putting +5 extension tubes on there that bring the total tube length to 30 or 32 inches? The "wieldability" argument for a short barrel goes right out the window once you slap on an extension tube. I think 3-gun shotguns should come in 28 and 30 inch barrel lengths and that will make the barrel sit right next to the full length of the extension tube for a 10+1 shotgun ...unless someone else here sees any benefit to having a 24 inch barrel and a 32 inch mag tube?
  14. Hi everybody I'm from Santa Barbara CA and I'm into 3-gun and uspsa. Bought my first gun 18 months ago for trap and skeet, then a year ago I discovered 3-gun and have been totally hooked on action shooting ever since. I used to come dead last in my local matches and now I'm running middle of the pack which I am really excited About. I hope to learn more About 3-gun and continue to get better.
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