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  1. I just replaced my stock sights on my M&P Pro CORE Saturday with Dawsons. I am very happy with them. I ordered them and had my LGS put them on. They stock Warren sights, the owner of the shop was very impressed with the Dawson sights.
  2. I have a CZ P 07 that I want to shoot. Am I reading the rules right that it does not qualify for SSP because it's DA/SA? Would you shoot it in ESP or the new CCP? I also want to get a P 09. I also have an M&P Pro CORE that at this moment would work for SSP. Thoughts? IDPA Newb
  3. Those FBC's look really nice. I think I may be sold. Now to find out how to get a hold of them.
  4. What can be done in limited? I'm finding that a lot of the things I want to do for my own enjoyment of my gun is not allowed in Production. I do want to do an undercut on the trigger guard. I don't want to do any slide cuts though.
  5. I found a pair of Mizuno mens indoor volleyball shoes about 5 years ago that I use for indoor archery shoots. I haven't tried them for this sport. They are designed for an indoor court and have the traction for it. What I really liked was the heel was slightly lower and my feet feel really stable and planted when in a shooting position. Just a thought.
  6. I've done all the standard polishing and got it to a clean 5 lbs even. What would be my next logical (legal) step to get it under 4 lbs?
  7. But only because of the trigger, not the internals of the FSS, correct?
  8. The way I read the rules it is not production legal ONLY because of the trigger. I am hoping this is not the case. Please advise.
  9. I think the newer fast twist favors the 115's, at least in mine and a couple other posts ive seen. It's a great gun when the trigger is done. Got mine about 4 months ago, but I have to say, a new Sig P320 for $550 w/ 2 mags and 2 extra mags as a limited time offer, or the new H&K VP9 for $650 would be VERY tempting. They are getting great reviews, especially the VP9 and they will probably be in my possession by the end of this year (both).
  10. I agree with Saab. My Pro core has the newer high twist rate barrel and the 115's were noticeably more accurate than the 124's or 147's. I'm positive someone else posted that the newer barrel liked the 115's better as well, and the older/slower twist S&W barrel did better with the 124's or 147's.
  11. mikemike22

    2014 CZ P07 ?

    Thanks, good advice.
  12. mikemike22

    2014 CZ P07 ?

    Ok here is my new 2014 CZ P07 I just bought last week. De-horned slide - check Front slide serrations - check Redesigned hammer - check New metal night sights - check New trigger design - check Lanyard loop - ????????? All other 2014's I have seen do not have the loop, I thought they did away with it. Just wandering about this, I know I'm anal.
  13. All great input, which leaves me feeling about as F'd up as a football bat. Seriously, I am going to have to spend quite a bit of range time to see what is most comfortable and just go with it. Thanks
  14. Sure would like to know, this gun is on my short list. I plan on making a decision soon. All reviews have been flawless?????
  15. Great info, I have been struggling with what I need to do as well. I am going to train myself to shoot with both eyes open. I am -1.25 in each eye, but with both contacts in the front sight is too blurry. What is a computer RX anyway?
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