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  1. So for anyone considering the Burris FF3.... I contacted customer support yesterday curious about their warranty on the specific product. Like may mfg's they offer a lifetime warranty on their optics. I know Leupold limits their warranty on electronics to 1 year, while the rest of their optics line has a lifetime warranty.... Burris keeps the lifetime, no fault warranty intact for their electronics as well. I've had a good experience with both my XTR2's and I think, especially given the warranty that the Burris isca no risk situation. Even if I don't like it on my Glock, its got a good warranty, I'll stick it on something else
  2. How do you like the dot size? I'm so torn on weather I should just dive in and get the DP pro or ease my way in with the FF3.
  3. xxDRBxx

    34 gen 3 or gen 4

    What are you guys using for recoil spring / guide rod conversion for gen 4 to gen 3 typecsetup?
  4. xxDRBxx

    34 gen 3 or gen 4

    Had the 3, but got bad slide bite.... Picking up my 34 MOS tonight
  5. Interesting there seems to be no love for the Deltapoint pro. That is my favorite so far, but its big... Really big. All the the RMR's I've handled seem to have some weird optical stuff happening (to me anyway) where I had a hard time focusing on anything through the sight window... I might be crazy, but I had a hell of a time
  6. Cool. What powder are you running? I typically run 4.0 titegroup over 124gn (plated or moly coated )
  7. Wanna sell it? I acutally use only coated bullets typically. What type of precautions are you talking (not to sound dumb or too dorky)
  8. Glock is the gun I love to hate..... I want to have something fancier, something custom.... But I have more fun shooting a glock, and typically shoot it better than anything else.
  9. Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to look into that for me. Dan
  10. It was more a question if the sights would clear the sight channel in the holster without binding.... I don't have the holster ( expect for my carry 19 ) or the gun or the sights yet... I was trying to not spend money on something that isn't work if there was a issue I should be concerned with
  11. Ive got a 34 MOS on the way so I can dork out with an optic.... Looking to do the Dawson MOS sights to get them a little higjtvin the optic (I haven't picked an optic yet) This being my first venture into anything like this, I'm a little lost for a comparable holster.... I typically use the Blade Tech holsters, but I have a funny feeling this may require something custom (and needs to remain Production compliant) What are you guys running?
  12. Yeah, I get that too. Im really not like oking to get into anything more than a drop in. The accuracy advantage a fitted barrel will offer would likely nothing I would ever see at a "A" or "B" level shooter. I could pick up up the extra points by laying off the beer and loosing a few pounds too
  13. Right.... That's really what I'm aiming for. I have to spend some money to save some money (shooting lead). If I have to do that anyway, is the extra $60 for a KKM going to be giving me something extra performance wise.... From the input here, it sounds like it will
  14. It would probably be cheaper to buy and new 34 and sell the frame and any extra parts on GB
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