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  1. Increase the belling as others have said. Make a bullet and then pull it. You shouldn't see a cut in the coating after the crimp.
  2. At what point did I ask for something that I haven't earned?
  3. Yeah that was Brad, not Blake. And while I don't believe in walking right up to someone and telling them your'e a GM in USPSA, like you're reading your resumee to everyone you meet ...... I don't see anything wrong with mentioning it in passing. It may come off as a lack of modesty or an ego trip to some, but it's no different than someone in the Military mentioning that they are a First Sergent or a Colonel or General. It's more a matter of earning the respect of others for what you have worked very hard for, than touting your accomplishments. But, I suppose it's all in the context. Had a GM give me some pointers once. When I shot the stage differently he was like, "When a GM tells you to do something you should do it that way". Didn't sit very well with me. I prefer GM's who you would never know was a GM until you see them shoot. I know exactly how you feel. That is why I intentionally make sure that nobody knows that I am a GM before, during, or after I shoot.
  4. That's exactly the reason that I don't go back to XXX - I finished first in my class (A) and got a pair of ear plugs while others who finished really poorly got guns. That and the fact that it is such a small match and it gets smaller when they have to throw out stages. I work on a 100% commission system. I only get what I earn. I can't comprehend why, in a competition, people would want to award prizes and awards based upon anything but performance. I really don't have a problem with the way that they do it at the pro-am either. It is still performance based.
  5. Nice side step there. Put it back on me. Sorry, but I am not going to volunteer to run prize tables at matches 8-12 hours away from my home just so that I can make sure that they do the right thing. It is simply a question. Why would you not allow proxy forms?
  6. I understand the thought process in making it an easy crossover from IDPA to USPSA, but look at it the other way around. Very little of our equipment crosses over to their sport, because they are just fundamentally too different. I am sure that someone will correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn't production division give those crossover people a place to play? I had the same conversation with our local club when we were meeting on the idea of becoming an official USPSA club vs remaining an outlaw club. Their argument was that they formed the club to give local shooters a place to get together and compete. They shot everything from beer cans to paper targets from the local wildlife and fisheries range with everything from .22 revolvers to shotguns. In the years since that club's inception to now, the club has changed and matured and the wishes of the club have changed between then and now. You simply can't show up at a baseball field and get mad at the umpires because you wanted to play hockey. Show up to a baseball field with baseball equipment like everybody else and lets get it on! Maybe this is oversimplifying the deal, but ALLOWING DOH holsters wouldn't prohibit them from using their IDPA equipment any more than my using a DOH holster as opposed to a racemaster prohibits me from participating in Limited division. I love single stack and I use proper equipment. Would allowing a DOH holster make me a better shooter, no, would it give me a faster draw than TGO, NO! It would make it more comfortable and not force ME to buy a new holster to shoot the division. Besides all of this, how many of us are not looking for an excuse to buy more equipment anyway? I have gotten fully set up for divisions and sports that I have never even shot before.....just in case.
  7. If they left and didn't designate a proxy, then they get nothing and then prizes are either option 1 or option 2. Those I have no problem with. It is when they do not allow the proxy forms to be used that irks me.
  8. The matches that I have seen where they use proxy forms, the proxy simply walks up to the table when it is their buddy's turn and shows the form to the guy at the door. He is then allowed to go in and pick. No paperwork other than to show the form to the door guy. If you got to the point where someone was stealing, then I guess that would become a whole other issue altogether, but shooters are generally a good bunch. I am sure there are a few bad apples here and there, but they are the exception. I have never been to a match where you get to go back to the prize table as long as there are prizes. That would work as well. At the ones that I have attended, at the end, they simply close the door and say goodbye. I assume that those prizes are handed out to the RO's for their efforts, but I am not certain of that.
  9. I am not wanting to start a flame war or anything, but I would just like to know the idea behind this rule. Some matches print proxy forms and place them in their match booklets and allow a shooter's proxy to pick up his buddy's prize for him. I have literally seen the doors close on a half a shipping container full of prize tables because "you must be present to go to the prize table", and a bunch of the competitors had already left. What happens to those prizes? My first thought would be that it keeps shooters there to patronize the vendors, except that 90% of the vendors have already packed up by the time the prize tables are set up anyway. After that, I have no idea why a MD would have that rule. Well, I have an idea, but like I said, I don't want to start a flame war.
  10. IT seems like those pedals are mounted WAY back. That would really require a change in my grip. My thumb is usually about at the second hole back from the front.
  11. Last time I talked to Chuck, they weren't able to get the Duty One. They said that they ordered a bunch at SHOT, but only one or two ever showed up.
  12. From the MD : Dear , The following message is being sent to you by the match squadding administration for the 2013 Arkansas Section Handgun Championship. Hello Shooters, I have had several emails about the results. I will be posting the results later today. There seems to be some issue with USPSA as I was unable to post the results yesterday but I will get that resolved today. Be patient I will get the results out as soon as I can. Bob
  13. Wow! That was fast especially considering the fact that nobody from Mississippi signed up.
  14. Yeah, Jeremy gives the money to LOCAL BOYS. As soon as he can get them into his van.
  15. duhbob - If you live in Slidell and are going to pass on this match over a $25 increase, then you need to find a different sport. Have you shot the gator before? Where did you finish and what was your prize off of the table? The match is over half full THREE DAYS after apps are posted. I think you and Brandon are being out voted.
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