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  1. hmmmm I think I may just have to pick one up to try it. A lot of good points here. I think the biggest thing is the right to left shooting. I guess ive never really noticed it but its worth a try to see if it improves overall.
  2. I can see the point of right to left arrays. I as well am right handed w/left eye dominance. I guess i haven't really noticed it with my 90 degree mount....or maybe I've overcome this issue. I've been shooting open for about 2 months now and I guess I'm still just learning different equipment and what works for me. It's just expensive! As for the ejection, I see how that could be a problem. But I have a tuned aftec in my turbor and it runs like a top so I'd hate to change anything. I guess I'm just trying to find the best advantage in this sport.
  3. I had someone mention to me at a match today that they chose a vertical mount for their C-more vs a 90 degree because "most pro's do it". I understand his choice since he was running 38 super with 3 holes in the barrel but i didn't quite understand the comment about how the "pros choose" their vertical mount. After thinking about it..i do see a majority of people using the vertical from various manufacturers, but why? I currently have a 90 degree cheely and seem fine with it but when i pointed his gun it felt different somehow....almost quicker? I've been racking my brain debating on making the switch? The only pro i can think of is a lower sight picture to resemble an iron sight when switching platforms....but thats it. input?
  4. OR... just go to a local match and see if there is someone shooting both types and ask if they would let you check em out. Most of the shooters I know would be happy to let you see for yourself. That will probably save ya some time and aggravation down the line. Yeah, I may have to do that. I am torn because I really like the Carver mount for my glock so i can get a thumb rest as well...Seeing most people use Cmore's almost push me to that realm but I need to just try them out.
  5. how about adjusting to shooting style with a raised mount with Cmore vs a leupold deltapoint that is melted in the slide? I almost want to buy both since I dont have anywhere that has these for display then return which one i dont want.
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