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  1. I've been running the t1 For a while. It works, but it feel it could be better. This is why I'm going to switch
  2. Pretty much. I feel it's marginal. I almost am thinking of doing the t2 then adding ports and testing. A set of ports at a time... Hmmmm
  3. How's the dot track...because they claim with the side ports it makes it go straight up and down....assuming you have perfect grip.
  4. excellent, T thats what i needed to know. Thank you.
  5. ^^ exactly. How much fitting would be required for this since i have a TruBor already?
  6. I have a T1 comp in 9mm, looking for a bigger comp and came across the "Thundercomp 2" from brazos. Its essentially a t2 but with 3 ports on each side and wondering if its worth it...So my questions are: Will the "Thundercomp 2" be better than the standard T2 comp? (preferably looking for experience with this comp direct. I have a gunsmith to do work if necessary, but will this require much since its already a "TruBor" barrel? The website says its chambered for a .355...knowing that 38 and 9x19 is the same diameter but anything else need to be done to run 9mm? Anyone have some decent load info to start with? Currently I'm running 8.2gr HS6 with a 125 B&B bullet, and a LRP. 170-172pf. aaaand go!
  7. Ive had the same problem with many many many rounds through my 550b. I ended up not realizing the screws that held the primer action bar...i guess you'd call it...were way too tight. I loosened them up a little, re adjusted, replaced the tip of the primer tube, set the adjustment of the primer cup and cleaned it all...after that it worked like a champ! I just make sure i clean it and re adjust after every couple thousand rounds loaded.
  8. I looked at the IPSC one...it looks nice but was concerned about fitment under the mount.
  9. ok that actually works...i just didn't know how tall it was. Thanks.
  10. would you happen to have a photo of it mounted?
  11. assuming it has the extended screws for mounting?
  12. I have a 90 degree set back mount looking for a thumb rest . I like the placement of the go gun thumb rest with it for bigger hands. Ive tried the slide stop thumb rest and it wasn't in the perfect spot for me. So my question is, will the go gun thumb rest work with this optic mount?
  13. Anyone try the PT slide stop thumb rest? Ive given the Shooting Sports Innovations model a try for a match, seemed nice but was wondering the angle of the PT one being more aggressive may fit my hand a little different. Second, how is the finish on the PT slide stop?
  14. I guess i don't notice how big the hero 3 is on my head mount. It has worked for me in the last few years so no complaints here. Ive seen the chest rigs but the POV isn't as good. you see a lot of your arms.
  15. is there any "sharpness" to the serrations on the slide...or are they somewhat rounded off to not tear your fingers/hand apart.
  16. I don't mean to revive an old post, but does anyone know what CK stands for?
  17. hmmmm I think I may just have to pick one up to try it. A lot of good points here. I think the biggest thing is the right to left shooting. I guess ive never really noticed it but its worth a try to see if it improves overall.
  18. I can see the point of right to left arrays. I as well am right handed w/left eye dominance. I guess i haven't really noticed it with my 90 degree mount....or maybe I've overcome this issue. I've been shooting open for about 2 months now and I guess I'm still just learning different equipment and what works for me. It's just expensive! As for the ejection, I see how that could be a problem. But I have a tuned aftec in my turbor and it runs like a top so I'd hate to change anything. I guess I'm just trying to find the best advantage in this sport.
  19. I'm running 125gr black and blues with hs-6...its a tad smoky compared to some 124gr precision deltas...but its not bad at all...barely even noticeable.
  20. I had someone mention to me at a match today that they chose a vertical mount for their C-more vs a 90 degree because "most pro's do it". I understand his choice since he was running 38 super with 3 holes in the barrel but i didn't quite understand the comment about how the "pros choose" their vertical mount. After thinking about it..i do see a majority of people using the vertical from various manufacturers, but why? I currently have a 90 degree cheely and seem fine with it but when i pointed his gun it felt different somehow....almost quicker? I've been racking my brain debating on making the switch? The only pro i can think of is a lower sight picture to resemble an iron sight when switching platforms....but thats it. input?
  21. I've shot production for a while, going form irons to a dot with a heavy astigmatism was a blessing. I generally see 2 guns with both eyes open where i had to can't my head to the left (right handed/left eye dominant) now shooting open it makes it MUCH easier to track the dot and get on target even with 2 red dot sight pictures. It took me a long time to get used to it but now i can differentiate which is my actual gun lol.
  22. Yeah, I was just thinking of what to use to shim it? Does someone make a kit for it or should I just MacGyver it from the hardware store?
  23. Im using CR Speed holsters for my open rig, and Im looking to see if theres a spacer to move the magazine out from my stomach. I wasn't blessed with a 6 pack so I have to move around my keg. Or is there a better magazine option that has this adjustability?
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