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  1. That's my problem with it. Is 5.4" even still a thing? Everyone I know who tried longer slides went back to govt length. If the CM was a 5" gun I'd be all over it.
  2. AlexV


    It would be great to see a replacement for the Eagle/Marauder too. The SDC 5" bushing models were always the most versatile 2011s STI made.
  3. I've really enjoyed mine in .40. It was reliable right out of the box with Wilson 10mm mags and long OAL ammo. I too removed the series 80 garbage and performed a trigger job. Great factory option for SS, however, they recently discontinued the .40 model. I wish I had bought a second when they were readily available.
  4. Well, I'm inclined to agree with you. A smaller set of pistols is easier to manage. But I feel like they discontinued most of the sensible models. Why not update and focus on the Edge, Eagle/Marauder, and Trojan (for example) instead of the DVC and Timmy lines? Who knows, maybe STI hired a business consultant who advised them to focus on the significantly larger target market of non-competitors.
  5. Their product line confuses me. If you find a model you like, you better buy two before they discontinue it! I asked them on FB if they plan on reintroducing a SDC 5.0 bushing model. This was their response: "At this time we aren't looking at bringing back any pistols with bushing barrels"
  6. My .40 Sig Max runs great too. I load long (1.180) and use Wilson 10mm mags. All it needed was a Series 80 delete and a trigger job. I'm disappointed Sig discontinued the .40 model. There are few factory .40 options left.
  7. So what's the word on the new STIs? It looks like they discontinued several more models. It's a little strange they aren't offering a 5.0 SDC bushing model to replace the Eagle and Marauder. Threaded models are gone too. I know they recently signed on Dave Dawson and Eddie Garcia. Any rumors about what could be in the works?
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