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  1. Brian Miller made this for my Ruger PCC. I ran it this weekend and placed 9th over all. Haven't shot a match in probably over a year. Not bad. 25 yard groups off a bench.
  2. I havent run a SCAR 16 but a lot of the Team FN did. I ran a SCAR 17 in Heavy Optics. They are fun to run. I would recommend getting a better trigger. I run a Geissele Super SCAR trigger. For optics I used to run a 4-16x but that was overkill even on the 400+ yard targets. I now run a 1-8x Primary Arms scope. Not really much else you need. Maybe an extended handguard. Oh a good muzzle brake helps too. What accessories and optics you run will depend what division you run in.
  3. Sorry I was trying to respond via my phone and forgot my password. Then got locked out. LOL. So I fired up the laptop. PM sent.
  4. Anyone know why pistol lights are forbidden in anything other than Open? It should be allowed but be a functioning light with batteries. The moment you out weights in it, it is no longer a functioning light and therefore puts you in open. Kinda like putting more ammo in a mag for production would bump you in a different division right? What perceived advantage is there to having a functioning pistol light that it should not be allowed?
  5. I had a class with him where he showed it to us, I believe when he first started playing with it. ... I wonder if size/shape of the slugs would fit in magazine basepads for carry optics, were it sounds like you can weight up and you have extra room loading to only 10. Maybe help the plastic gun folks compete with CZ, or let CZ get close to the limit ? Is there a weight limit for CO?
  6. So I have a bunch of these tungsten carbide slugs lying around. I was playing around with them and found out that two of them are almost the same size as a CR123 battery. I test fitted them in one of my Surefire X300 pistol lights. The light weighs 2.6 oz. With two regular CR123 the light weighs 3.7oz. Making the 2xCR123 weigh 1.1oz. Now add the four tungsten carbide weights to the light brings it to a whopping 9.8 oz!!!! The four weights alone are about 7.1oz. Do you think people would be interested in buying these weights to add inside their pistol weaponlights? diameter wise they are a perfect fit but are a tad shorter. So there is a little bit of play and they shift a tiny bit. But that can be remedied with a spacer. Like a small piece of folded paper.
  7. I saw this down in Daytona Beach at Big 3 East. Triumph Systems makes dynamic training systems for law enforcement and self defense. Jared Ogden is a former NAVY SEAL. He wants to bring the tier 1 spec ops dynamic training that he got as a SEAL to the commercial market. Here is his pivotal trainer. It is remote controlled. You can make it random or you can manually control which way it turns, how long it shows the target, and how many times it spins. This would be awesome in USPSA or action matches.
  8. I heard this from our mutual friend Tom, the friend that is going to reload the bullets for Sophia. This seems like a customer service screw up. You lose customers easily.
  9. Can anyone help clarify this? Not more than nine (9) rounds total may be loaded at anytime, unless otherwise stipulated in the stage briefing. According to that rule, even if I can fit 13 rounds in my shotgun, I can't top off after the start of the stage? This is for Heavy Metal Scope.
  10. I didnt see anything in the rules about flashlights mounted on pistols. Would that be considered a weight? I am in Heavy Metal Scope Division.. Also in Heavy Metal Scope Division I noticed that coupled mags are not allowed. I will have to keep an eye out for Erik Lund. LOL last year he had coupled SCAR17 mags. And I thought that was a great idea. But alas the rules do not allow it. Magazines may not be coupled together
  11. Also the slide wasn't that bad. I did test the slide first so I had an idea how it would be. So glad I did that.
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