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  1. This is a winter USPSA like league starting up soon in Burnsville: www.bvpistol.com/ipsc1.htm I also heard rumblings of Bill's having a winter league alternating between Circle Pines and Hudson.
  2. I shoot a STI Trojan in 45 with factories and have though 9mm minor would be fun (and cheaper ammo). Plus 10 rounds would work well at most club stages. The question is: Do we want it cause we don't have it, or is it that much better?
  3. I have used a Blackhawk Serpa for a few years. Though, looking to move to one without a finger lock.
  4. Does anyone have experience with the ShotMaxx watch? Is it that much better that "normal" timers?
  5. What was the answer from John? I was thinking about doing the same thing.
  6. They may have just got off the phone with: After all, you are calling THEM for help!
  7. Is this class geared more for the Limited, Production, and Open divisions? I shoot Single Stack, would I be too much of an odd man out? What have people done for lodging, I'm 3hrs away?
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