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  1. I took the wheel off the assembly and cleaned it and the assembly base. I don't see how I can take it apart any further unless I take the tube off. It looks to be catching on brass inserts of the primers themselves. I looked closer at the bottom side of the wheel which comes in contact with the press and there is some wear between the holes. I am not sure if this I what is causing it or not. I will call Dillon and see what they say then report back. Thanks for the help.
  2. Searched but can't seem to find a solution. On the down stroke as the shell plate rotates it is binding on the next primer. Is this a machine problem or could it be the primers? I am using Remington LPP. I searched and someone suggested to take the wheel off the primer assembly and check for burrs and polish. After that it is still locking up. Any clues?
  3. I hear folks talking about guns not fitting. I have never had one the didn't "fit" as far as I could tell. So my question. How do you determine if one fits or not? Thanks in advance.
  4. So, my wife has finally shown an interest in shooting!!! With quite a bit of searching I can't seem to find a holster with good reviews. Any clues? Thanks in advance. Anthony
  5. Somewhere someone indicated that stage descriptions and squad lists would be available about a week before the match. Thanks
  6. X2. I am lost on the whole golf cart thing. Sent from my C771 using Tapatalk 2
  7. I am a turkey hunter...Polishing the barrel was all the rage several years ago. It does make cleaning the barrel much easier. Check it out. http://oldgobbler.com/Forum/index.php/topic,182.0.html
  8. I dont know if its available for Iphone, but Shooter has worked well for me.
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