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  1. Maybe we can convince the ROs to let you use the VR in a Cowboy Action match. YeeHaw
  2. hehehe Black Powder VR80. What a stitch.
  3. I do think they are hard to come by for the moment. I paid list price for mine when they first came out. Looks like they dipped down below $600 and got popular. My nephew wants one. A couple of them on GunBroker went for over $850 recently. Maybe they had some extras with them. I know the one listing for over $1,100 included a bunch of stuff. Mine has certainly spent time in the barrel and it wasn't lined with sheepskin and foam.
  4. what a disaster! To spare you any stress let me know what you paid for it and I'll send you that money and my shipping address.
  5. ok. I didn't look that close since I only plan on porting. I would think them producing one for the VR80 would be likely. It's effectiveness was distinctive so it could be worth considering.
  6. I saw a video where someone tested 5 muzzle brakes. They had very interesting results and a bunch of people said I want that VP unit. Then someone said oops your calculations are off, the other one the GK 03 should have won. Here is a recent email they sent me saying that they have them in stock again. https://ivantactical.com/shop/weapon-accessories/weapon-rails-and-tuning/muzzle-devices/akademia-vepr-12-ilyin-gk-03-muzzle-brake/ I'm just going to go with porting.
  7. If opening up the gas ports lets lighter loads run reliably that seem good but if it's allowing more recoil to occur it defeats the purpose. I'm going to stay with stock ports (mine are .105) and chrono different loads. I'll try with and without the buffer and perhaps a less cushioned stock as well. I expect porting the barrel will be a good effect and I'll compare that before/after on the chrono and damaged rotator cuff.
  8. What size are your gas ports? Mine are stock. We've heard here of people opening up to .115" and .138"(#29 drill). Guess it's time to measure mine for start and to hear what has been working for others.
  9. I went through way more than 500 rounds before 1⅛/1200 were consistent. Even at that some brands didn't run 100%. I have the Taccom Buffer in mine. I think I ran lighter loads without it. I may test it again with and without. Cocking the gun requires a little more of tug at the end to either load one in or lock it open. While you get used to it and expect it, if you lend the gun to someone else they'll end up fidgeting with it and not quite catching a load or being able to get it locked all the way back. Without the buffer I could easily pull the bolt back on the left and flick the lock with one finger. This was convenient for quickly making safe and grabbing my chamber flag that slid on/off the rail. However slapping the bolt release is cleaner with the bolt on the right anyway. btw. Target or Academy will send you individual boxes of different ammo if you want to try a range of loads. These get cheaper when they do their seasonal rebate : AA12 Black Box 1145fps/1⅛ https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/winchester-aa-light-target-load-12-gauge-8-shotshells#repChildCatid=219614 and https://www.mytoytruck.com/monstrum-chamber-safety-flag-includes-built-in-flathead-tool-and-slide-on-picatinny-rail-adapter-pack-of-6/
  10. 1 oz (525 Power Factor) or 1⅛ oz (590 PF) btw; 1 oz 1145fps - 500 PF 1⅛ oz 1145fps - 564 PF Mine has run at 535PF.. I think. Hotter is more of a sure thing and easy enough to not care ...but I think I'll load up some 1⅛ oz 1100fps - 541 PF and see how they run.
  11. I bet that 510 will be satisfying. (I like my 507GR) On my VR I've been using a $40 UTG Red and Green SCP-RG40CDQ https://www.opticsplanet.com/leapers-utg-4in-ita-red-green-circle-dot-sight-w-integral-qd-picatinny-mount.html. No complaints at all after maybe 1000 rounds so far. I think it could be used with the dot turned off too. It will co-witness the stock sights using the QD base it comes with. The Luth AR Chubby grip is also great. Protrusions to perch thumb, right middle finger and bottom of my hand really spread recoil and make for good grip to reacquire next target. The honeycomb recoil 'pad' of the Adaptive Tactical EX stock is bunny belly soft. The curve in it goes right onto the shoulder for a quick pivot up to the sight. https://www.opticsplanet.com/adaptive-tactical-adtac-ar15-m4-adjustable-stock-mil-spec-polymer-black.html I got a good deal on both of these at Delta but they now send me 4 emails.every.day!
  12. The dummy loads that I made up for myself get shredded up pretty good at the crimp. My friend's Typhoon F12 is more fussy but it's early in his break in stage(needs 1300/1⅛ still). Getting the crimp tucked in by having the right wad/load mix is necessary. I have a range of loads ready to try and expect 1⅛ loads in 2¾" AA hulls with CB1100-12 wads to work. I'll find out how much powder soon. My VR can function on Rem Gun Club 1oz/1185 loads though it won't run Nobel 1oz/1200 loads. Once I determine the minimum power factor 1⅛ load I'll put the Taccom buffer in and see how it runs with that. I'll be looking at the sharp edges that are catching the leading edge of the rounds.
  13. Heidelberg had a plastic coffee can hung on the top rim of the barrel at each stage that you could put your flags in. Still, I like my Monstrum flag with the ability to stash on the rail. https://www.amazon.com/Monstrum-Tactical-Chamber-Flathead-Picatinny/dp/B07D6SYQJZ
  14. Hold my beer . . . slides on the rail.https://www.amazon.com/Monstrum-Tactical-Chamber-Flathead-Picatinny/dp/B07D6SYQJZ
  15. Has anybody tried one of the Glock Gen 4 dual recoil spring assemblies in a VP 40 (or vp9) ?
  16. Got a DQ for trigger finger on the paddle myself. From now on I'll be showing the showing the RO that I have a paddle release before I start. Meanwhile, I'll be practicing releasing with my middle finger. That way I can very purposely extend the trigger finger during the mag release and maybe dodge the DQ's
  17. Anyone load these shorter? I have some powder coated bullets from Kings that I'll be trying with Titegroup at 1.125" After I Chrono them I'll bring some info back here.
  18. What is the stock spring rated at? For the VP 40 and the VP9? What advantage is the SS rod?
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