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  1. Agreed! Heavy= Pump and .45. Allowing a bipod (ala RM3G) would be a nice perk too.
  2. Working on putting together a Benelli M3 for use in Heavy. Anyone know of a shop that can fabricate a extended magazine tube? Looking for ability to have one in the chamber and 12 in the tube.
  3. thanks all, summer wont be the same without a run down the zipline
  4. Anyone hear any updates about 2017 MGM Ironman?
  5. If anyone is putting together a team and looking for a 4th man shoot me a pm.
  6. I am looking for a M1 Super 90 magazine tube that fits a 1989 model with fine threads on the receiver end. Part # 60576 (3 round) 60568 7 round. I'll take either one. Benelli CS says the part is obsolete and all the major vendors only stock the course thread tubes. If someone out there ditched their stock tube for a xrail or RCI let me know.
  7. First trip out to Copperhead Creek Shooting Club. Do we drive from one stage to the other or do we have to haul our gear?
  8. Going to have to miss this one. Headed up north to the land of 10 round magazines that can legally only hold 7 rounds.... WTF NY?? Looking forward to the January match. Merry Christmas!
  9. I counted 71 shot and 5 slugs. Thats with 2 shoots on the spinner and everything else neutralized in 1
  10. Making travel plans and want to confirm the match is saturday and sunday with sign in friday, right?
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