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  1. Remington's 2012 Fallen Brethren 3-Gun Challenge in conjunction with Spartan Tactical Official Announcement It's time for the Second Annual Fallen Brethren Challenge. This year's match is going to be bigger and better than last year's. This year's Fallen Brethren 3-Gun Challenge will again be held at the Spartan Tactical Range Complex in Jacksboro, TX and the infamous Stage 9 will be there to separate the shooters from the posers. We will have 9 challenging stages over the course of 3 days. This Multi-Gun event will be held from the 5th to the 7th of October. Staff, RO's and Vendor Shooters will compete all day on Thursday the 4th. Updates will be posted HERE within the next couple weeks regarding registration, entry fees, match info, and sponsorship. If your sponsor/company is interested in supporting this event, please contact us as soon as possible. We've streamlined the registration this year. A link on the match website (www.FB3Gun.com) will begin the countdown starting next week. Sandra Orvig is doing stats again this year. RO invitations are going out this weekend. Please check back here as often as possible to stay up to date! Match Director: Jim Smith, (Jim@FB3Gun.com) Range Master: Sheldon Carruth (Shootingscarruth@texasshootingrange.com) Stats: Sandra Orvig (SOrvig@comcast.net) Registration: Brook Hammond (Brook@FB3Gun.com) Prizes: John Jackson (John@FB3Gun.com) Yes, we are part of 3 Gun Nations point series! www.fb3gun.com www.spartantactical.com Please avoid spamming our e-mails with questions and concerns that can be addressed on here. Thanks!
  2. Fallen Brethren 3 Gun Challenge Up date. Registration: Wednesday at Range 2:00-5:00pm for ROs and those shooters shooting on Thursday only. I will continue Registration at the Comfort Suites Hotel on Wednesday 6-8 pm if necessary. Registration: Thursday at the Range from 12:00-5:00 pm. Registration will continue at the Comfort Suites Hotel in Bridgeport TX at 6:00-8:00 pm. If you are not going to make registration, please contact me as soon as possible so arrangements can be made. I am NOT having registration Friday morning so please be prepared to register during the posted times. Sandra Orvig sorvig@comcast.net Sponsors: WE WANT TO THANK THE GENEROUS SPONSORS THAT ARE SUPPORTING THIS MATCH. WITHOUT THEM THIS WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE. DSG Arms MAJOR MATCH Leupold MAJOR MATCH Remington MAJOR MATCH ECS Composites GOLD SureFire GOLD Warne Scope Mounts GOLD XS Sights GOLD Roth Concepts Innovations GOLD Alamo Tactical GOLD DPMS STAGE Hornady STAGE Horus STAGE JP Enterprises STAGE Larue Tactical STAGE MGM STAGE Noveske Rifleworks STAGE Stag Arms STAGE Combat Medical Systems SILVER Evolution Gun Works EGW SILVER Battle Comp Enterprises BRONZE Benchmade Knives BRONZE Oakley BRONZE Syrac Ordinance BRONZE Viking Tactics BRONZE Black Rain ordnance Brownells Range Officer Meeting: The range officer meeting will be held Wednesday evening at 5:00 pm at the Comfort Suites in Bridgeport. Shooter Meeting: The shooter meeting will be held Friday morning at 08:00 on the Spartan Tactical Range Complex. The start time for the match stages will be directly after the meeting at 09:00. Round Count: Rifle 200 rounds, Pistol 150 rounds, Bird Shot 100 rounds and Slug 12 Rounds. Hotels: All three hotels are co-located in the same area. All three hotels have a discounted Spartan Tactical rate of around $60.00 a night. Comfort Suites located at 2302 10th Street, Bridgeport, TX 76426 (940) 683-5777. If you have any questions, please ask for the manager, Jamie. La Quinta located at 2300 10th Street, Bridgeport, TX 76426 (940) 683-2040. If you have any questions, please ask for the manger, Mireya. Bridgeport Suites located at 905 US Highway 380, Bridgeport, TX (940) 683-1790 Talk with Mindy and Cheri for the Spartan Tactical rate. Golf Carts, Wagons, Rickshaws and Mules: Wagons or Carts would be handy to have at stages one thru seven. Stage eight and nine will be pistol and rifle only and the hill will be difficult to negotiate with carts or wagons. We will have a DSG’s Penzgauer Swiss military vehicle to assist transporting people and gear to these stages two stages, 8 & 9. Slings: Not Required for our match. Food: There will be a vender selling food and drink for the competitors. Heavy Metal: Heavy Metal will be a division this year with a minimum of eight shooters, next year it will be ten shooters for a division. A one-power optic can be used for the Heavy Metal division and Tactical Iron Division. Tactical Irons: A one-power optic can be used for the Heavy Metal division and Tactical Iron Division. Prize Tables: There will be a separate prize table for the different divisions and order of merit will determine the order. Weather: Early December in Texas can be mild in the mid 50’s to 60’s to cold around 30 to 40 degrees. Please dress appropriately for any weather and bring a rain jacket. Stages: Stage descriptions will be posted soon on the Spartan Tactical web site. Test Fire/ Zero Range: We will have a range devoted to test fire and zeroing set up on the right side of the pistol/ carbine bays from 8 TO 10 during the match Friday thru Sunday. Waiver Forms: Please go to the Spartan Tactical; Fallen Brethren 3 Gun Challenge web site and print out your waiver. Bring it with you to registration
  3. We now have a third new hotel in Bridgeport that we are recommending with a discounted Spartan Tactical rate of $60 a night. Bridgeport Suites Bridgeport, TX (940) 683-1795 Talk with Mindy and Cheri for the Spartan Tactical rate. It is across the street from the other two hotels. Thanks, Jim
  4. Match Director- Jim Smith Range Master- Sheldon Carruth It should be a challenging match! There is full information about it at SpartanTactical web site.
  5. Please go to the SpartanTactical web site and there is a separate site site for the match. Fallen Brethren 3 Gun Challenge and it has a map. Looking forward to seeing you there. Thanks, Jim Smith
  6. YES, There are still a few slots left. Its going to be a challenging match. The prize table is shaping up nicely. See you there!
  7. The Bridgeport La Quinta telephone number is (940) 683-2040. Thanks, Jim
  8. Hello All, The 2011 Fallen Brethren 3 Gun Challenge is going to be a great match. It will be held 2-4 December at the Spartan Tactical Range facility East of Jacksboro TX. Staff, RO’s and venders will shoot all day on the 1st of December. Adam Poppawell and I walked the nine stages a month ago and it will be a challenging multi gun match to say the least! We are incorporating the Texas National Guard into the match so it will have a similar feel as the past years Fort Benning 3 Gun Match. The lodging we recommend is located 18 miles East of the range complex in Bridgeport Texas. Comfort Suites----------------La Quinta 2302 10th St-----------------2300 10th St Bridgeport, TX 76426----------Bridgeport, TX 76426 (940) 683-5777--------------(940) 627-9603 We will have a Spartan Tactical rate set up for both hotels. So please ask for this rate. There are closer hotels but please trust us on our recommendations. Let me clear up some rumors and misconceptions. This match was formerly the Fort Benning 3 Gun Match. As I understand it the current command at the AMU did not want to support the match so I was approached about hosting the match at my range complex in Texas. It has been in my long-range plan to have a nationally recognized multi gun match and a sniper match at our facility. I have put a lot of effort in time and money to get ready for this match. I want this match to be a challenging well-run event. Apparently the Brinson Range Marksmanship Committee will not be available to assist with the match due to military deployments. Anyone who has served knows the mission comes first. I spent 20 years in Special Operations with the US Army. This is what I received from Lee Dimaculangan concerning Brinson Range’s participation in the 3 Gun Challenge. It is with our deepest regret that the Brinson Range Marksmanship Committee will have to withdraw from the joint efforts of hosting the 2011 Fallen Brethren 3-Gun Challenge. Due to the BRMC staff composed of all Active Duty Soldiers, their mission takes precedence over any leave and/or recreational events not supported by the Army. The event will NOT be canceled, but rather transformed into an exciting and challenging Multi-Gun competition that will carry on the expectations and prominence of the FB3G. James Smith from Spartan Tactical will continue to coordinate Sponsors, Staff, and Support to ensure a successful FB3G. Ms. Sandra Orvig will also remain as the Match Statistician. Please forward questions and concerns to Jim at spartantactical.com and sorvig at comcast.net. We will continue to assist Jim, Sandra and his Match Staff. Not to worry we have the sponsorship in place and are coordinating all of the necessary elements so this match will be a well run and challenging shoot. I will keep you updated as often as possible with my busy course schedule. Please check back here as often as possible to stay up to date! Sandra will also be busy this week at the Pro AM. I still need a couple of RO’s so if you’re interested please get your application in as soon as possible. RO’s please contact me directely and I will outline the compensation package we have arranged for you. It will be similar to last years program. Sponsors I am still actively seeking a few more so please also contact me as soon as possible. Will will also have the match FFL listed soon. We will have the rules, and stage descriptions posted soon. Match Director: Jim Smith, Jim@SpartanTactical.com Range Master: Stats/Prizes: John Jackson, John@SpartanTactical.com Stats/Registration: Sandra Orvig Our web site is spartantactical.com We will get it updated as soon as possible with a sub section with match information. Please avoid spamming our e-mails with questions and concerns that can be addressed on here. Thanks! Sandra will be also busy this week at the Pro AM, did I already post this? Thanks, Jim Smith, Match Director Jim@SpartanTactical.com
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