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  1. How many stages are you planning for the 2018 IRC? I guess the assumption is that you would be running 12 but it looked like you had more than 12 bays.
  2. Has anyone heard what the round count will be for the match?
  3. Far and Near has been shot with and without par times at the IRC, it might be fun to try it once as one string. I would like to see more classifiers that contain steel and movement. I realize not all clubs have steel but they would not be required to shoot them. The classifiers are usually the least fun stage at a match maybe we could come up with some that are a little more fun. The current classifier system seems to do a good testing accuracy but not so good a job testing other skills that are required to do well. tt
  4. The elongated hole was counted as a hit. this was on a static target without any hardcover.
  5. How was it handled? the uspsa rule book does not discuss this at all except in determining if elongated holes are from richochets/splatter.
  6. That is a good point. I had been thinking about a tumbling bullet. When I was taping targets at the SW Regional one of the targets sure had what looked like a sideways bullet. I would hpoe something like that would not be counted as a miss.
  7. I am curious about the one and a half times the bullet diameter being scored as a miss. I don't remember seeing this in the rule book.
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