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  1. You are so cool bigphil. Will you be my friend?

  2. Glad to have you. Lucky you live in utah. How are things there? I was thinking about moving.
  3. Ehh. I believe the preferred nomenclature is Outlaw match.
  4. I am shooting locally at Maxxon's outlaw match and at mchenry idpa and ipsc matches. I intend to hit a north porter county and a pine tree match soon. I have a shooter willing to help me out but I was ondering if there were any actual coaches around this area.
  5. I shoot tired or "Henry Uniform" then I shoot stupid.
  6. For me it is an economy of movement "problem". Recording your stages can help you figure out just how fast you were moving or how many steps you took while shooting a particular portion. Shave off time by getting the little stuff out of the way and fast and sharp,IE, reloading. Then fine tune your mechanics. Pilates and yoga strengthen the core for leaning shots and lower body and upper body work manage recoil and smooth travel when shooting on the move. P.S Ben is a Boss.
  7. I heard there is a technique to shooting all of theses. Any experts want to share?
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