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  1. When youtubing Load 12 Challenge I happen to come accross a video of Jamie Franks doing this drill from Top Shot Season 2. While he wasn't as fast as some of you I really like the "Load 12" Pistol version he did (or load 6) halfway through the video so I thought I share it: Edit: I was just thinking about it but maybe those of you shooting Saiga-12s could try the pistol version for a good reloading/shooting drill. Just a thought!
  2. I would think it would depend on the range. Honestly I wouldn't mind the practice, and if they allowed me to load more than just a few rounds at a time I wouldn't mind. If anything even if they wouldn't allow me to load more rounds I still might do it as a good way to practice, and still can do some reloading practice.
  3. Video from my last 3 Gun Match. Was using a S&W M&P-15 MOE, Gen 4 Glock 17, and Remington 1100 TAC4: Threw a couple of rounds on the small pistol steel, and on the 200 yard rifle targets but all in all did well. Sadly the rest of my day was spent fixing malfunctions on my AR lol. Here are two videos from Pistol matches. The first one is called Barrels of Fun at a USPSA Pistol Match: Second one is from a local Action Pistol Match on the stage called Reading. This is from a POV camera mounted on my hat: A little slow on the draw but I was using my duty hostler from w
  4. Video of me doing Stage 2 at a Camp Allen Pistol Action Shoot.
  5. This video is doing my last stage of the day for my first USPSA Pistol Match. Felt this was one of my best stages for the day. I was using a Gen 4 Glock 17 in the Production Division. Placed 10th out of 15 shooters for my division, and 28th out of 42 overall for the match. For this stage though I placed 19th overall, and 5th for Production. Thanks to Ralph Courage for filming, and the Blackwater Practical Shooters for putting on the match at the U.S. Training Center in Moyock, NC. http://s1103.photobucket.com/albums/g473/courphoto/?action=view&current=SEAN-10232011.mp4
  6. While some of you done MUCH farther than me I manage to make my first 50 yard pistol shot in a local 3 gun match with a Gen 4 Glock 17 9mm. I am pretty proud of that considering I felt it was pushing my skill level a bit at the time. Only took me 3-4 shots to make it.
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