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  1. Some of us in California are needing to hoard, I'm hoarding as much as I can afford. The dimwit liberal senators here are passing every dumb bill that they are writing and mail order ammo and supplies shipped to Cali will be out of the question since they want us to purchase an annual ammo permit, tax each bullet and shotshell $.05 each, and add another 10% tax on top of the 8.5% we already pay. So for us, unfortunately hoarding is a necessity.
  2. I'm very good stocked on 9's, could use a case of 45's but I'm waiting to see the 55gr 22's come available which I'm short on. Would like to get a few more thousand so I'll keep watching.
  3. I did the same thing with my Wishlist, I would go to my Wishlist and if they are in stock it will say "Add to Cart" instead of "out of stock". Then just hit the "Add to Cart" and proceed to checkout. After following this thread for only about a week I scored a case of 9mm CMJ and a case of 9mm FMJ's, free shipping and fast delivery.
  4. On Wednesday I got a case (3750) of 124gr CMJ paid for it and saw a lot more in stock. I waited a bit and the stock was still there so I added a case (3750) OF 124GR FMJ and paid for it. Tracking shows they will both by at my door on Monday. Nice fast order and you can't beat the free shipping! I'm happy, happy, happy.
  5. Looks like MG has been very very busy making us lots of bullets. A big thanks to them for building stock during these crazy times.
  6. And free shipping! Now that's a deal.
  7. Sweet!!! Thanks for the heads up, just scored a case (3750) of 9mm CMJ!!! Finally! I placed the order on my iPhone and it was taking forever but I already received an email saying my order went through. Thank to whoever it was that posted that they were in stock. It was about this time yesterday as well, do we see a pattern? Thanks again for the heads up.
  8. I shoot mainly 45acp and load them with Clays, so since I buy 8 pounds at a time and recently put together a Glock I wanted to load my 9mm rounds with the same. So far I have loaded about 2K 125gr RN and truncated Bear Creek bullets with 3.3 grains of Clays @ 1.145 COL for the RN and 1.125 COL on the truncated. I'm shooting these through a G26 with a KKM barrel and they shoot pretty good with no problems feeding, ejecting, or with accuracy.
  9. Done, but this is really sad that this is even an issue. Like someone said above, another country losing gun rights, really sad. BTW, Google asks if you want to translate.
  10. Jake I wish I could get my .223 cases to feed into the shellplate like that! About every fifth one falls over, yorus looks very smooth.
  11. My 650 was my first "brass" press, I had a MEC shotshell loader first so I'm going to say that the 650 was my first press. I bought mine used with 6 different die sets. I seemed to fall right into loading on it pretty easy and I'm going to credit that with the fact that I watched and read everything I could find on loading with a Dillon press (YouTube has a ton). Do some research and watch a bunch of videos, after you get the press you will learn little tricks to make your loading easier, you will get the "feel" of it like how it feels when your primer sets correctly and how it feels when your de-prime stage is a little stiff but you know when to push through. The Dillon is a great press for me, I do a ton of 45acp and 9mm which both run really good through the press. I seem to run into some problems and have to go nice and slow with .223 loading. About 1 in every 5 cases doesn't get pushed onto the shellplate correctly and gets tipped over. Get a Dillon you will be very happy and customer service is phenomenal, the no BS warranty really is no BS. Like I said I bought mine used and they still replace parts that are questionable in order to make my press run good. I did sell my 12ga and 20ga MEC loaders and bought a Dillon SL900 shotshell loader with 2 and 20ga dies which is based on the XL650 platform, works great also. This guy has some good info and good quality videos to watch on the Dillon 650 (and other loaders), just click on the "Dillon" tab at the top of his page. The Ultimate Reloader
  12. I mainly shoot LP 45acp brass and I pick up all my brass and a little extra from the indoor range I shoot at. I have quite a collection of SP 45 brass now (roughly 2K cases) and I have them tumbled and in tupperware ready to go. I load the SP brass for when I'm going to shoot in a Steel Challenge, Action Pistol, or USPSA/IPSC match. For some reason I just don't feel so "attached" to the SP brass as I do with my LP brass so I use it in matches, that way if I don't pick it all up during the match I don't feel so bad about leaving the brass lay. Some of you might think this is odd but I need to pick up my brass. I try to shoot a lot during the week, generally I take a long lunch at the range at least two times a week but try for three days depending on my work schedule. This is why I got into reloading, I reload so I can shoot a lot without costing me a fortune. I will say though that while running a batch of LP brass and a SP piece sneeks through the case feeder (I use an XL650) and to the primer station, it pisses me off. What a pain in the butt! I load the SP brass just like my LP brass and don't notice any difference in the way it shoots, 4.3 grns of Clays behind a 200gn Bear Creek moly bullet. I have not chrono'd both loads but they feel the same.
  13. I also switched to a moly/lead and it cut my price in half, I was paying about $140 per 1000 Rainier plated and now I'm paying $71 for 1000 Bear Creek moly coated 200gr RN or SWC or $78 for 1000 230gr RN. They shoot clean and very little smoke with 4.3gns Clays behind them. Shooting through a tricked Les Baer. I recently picked up a Glock 26 to carry so I started loading 9mm molys for it. The Glock barrel didn't like them, started leading up after just 300 rounds. Bought a KKM barrel for it and problem solved, no leading at all.
  14. Could you please PM or email me also with the info, I thought I found some, the website is there but you can't do anything with it? Thanks
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