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  1. Curious if you think think the mark 7 is worth the premium cost that is associated with it since they are next to each other
  2. you can but its around $2500ish (which is insane in my opinion) The new system they are developing is sub $500 i beleive
  3. Yes I have spoke with the people at mark 7. To my knowledge the Revo primer colator is simmilar to a dillon primer tube filler in function. Where as the new primer tray they are releaseing later this year will be more like an automated primer flip tray oscillating back and forth. the Cost is relatively affordable for the addition (compared to the Revo primer option) It is one of the driving factors for me looking at the Mark 7 evo
  4. So taking the the 1 pass element out of the Mark 7 press (im on the fence as to whether i was planning on doing that anyway) Mark 7 Pro's Smoother operation (??????) with a more integrated automation plan A few more options for what dies you use and where you can use them Dillon Pro's Cost Established brand and availability of snagging good deals on used accessories on classifieds and ebay etc etc Any opinions??? As I see it there is about a $1k Premium between the two options up front. But there is a residual cost increase as the caliber changes and tool heads on the mark 7 carry a premium that i will have to pay for theoretically years down the road. Are these cost premiums worth the performance it offers
  5. Ok I am understanding that the auto drive is just not a great fit on the 650 machines. (possible the biggest issue is the Priming system?) So let me ask you: when you say option 3 is the best....why do you take the dillon 1100 vs the mark 7 (if they are to be equiped the same way) I am not trying to disagree with you just trying to get as much info as I can before making a purchase.
  6. its been considered. I already have the 650 so that is why i was more leaning toward that combo (if i used 2 machines). Seams like its not as favorable to automate the smaller machines from my research. If I am going to make the financial investment i guess i would rather have the option of using the press to load in the future. the CP eliminates that possibility
  7. That is exactly the info I am looking for
  8. That should have been listed as an option that I did explore. I guess the idea in my head was that, 2 presses running simultaneously may be faster than the Evo. In fact i would have to say it has to be faster.....but that only works if it feasible to run those two presses at the same time without massive headaches
  9. I am debating what the optimal way to load bulk(ish) .223 and 9mm. I don't know how much "better" the Evo press really is since I don't have hands on one. The price of these two options is not too far off of each other. Is the 1100/650 autodriven more prone to issues??? Looking for feedback Option 1 (2 presses with autodrive) 1100 set up for deprime/size, swage/trim, neck prep (Lyman m die) Wet tumble 650 Powder drop, bullet feed, seat, crimp Option 2 (mark 7 Evo) Possible 1 pass reloading, but realistically wanting to tumble in between needing just 2 tool heads for prep and loading
  10. Like you said....thats all good in theory. Not practice though. Im not interested in trying to organize that much chaos
  11. They do sell a Bosch router converted into a trimmer. But it takes up the same 3 spaces that the Dillon does. Lyman/mark 7 is working on a single station trimmer. But no real ETA at this time. I am working on making one myself. wondering if it can be done in a single station if that helps the odds of making 5.56 in one pass.
  12. I'm interested in getting an Evo (possibly auto drive as well). But going through the forum I see lots of issues and alot of people seam to have to work alot of bugs out. I get that they are a new company and there are growing pains. But at this price point I want to spend the majority of my time loading and shooting not fiddling with the press not making progress. Are most of these issues worked out at this point or still buggy?
  13. I got the files on thingiverse today. But it's hard to make heads or tails of what is needed. Any other sources of info out there
  14. I am considering purchasing either an RL1100 or Mark 7 Evo (automation still up for debate) I am wanting to reload bulk 5.56 (assumed mostly crimped military brass) I plan on running a press mounted trimmer I am aware with the trimmer options available on market now the 1050/1100 doesnt have enough real estate to make complete 5.56 in one trip The mark 7 claim to fame (or one of them) is that their "10" station press would allow you to put a trimmer in and still make 5.56 in one trip IF you had a trimmer that only took up 1 position in the 1050/1100, could you make 5.56 in one trip? or is it still just not possible.
  15. To those of you recommending outsourcing my case prep: From my research I will be paying in the neighborhood of 45 per 1k for brass prep + freight if necessary. Wouldn't the investment in a 1050 be a better use of funds (assuming I'm willing to put the work in). At the end the cost appears to be the same and I'm left with a new press. Just speaking out load and.looking for feedback
  16. Working on that as we speak. There is a local with an autodrive 1050 seeing what he would charge to just prep the brass. May be my best bet
  17. Let me ask you why would i need 2 1050's. Wouldnt just one for deswaging and brass prep do the trick (if no automation is elected) I should have said in the orginal post that I am in no hurry to do this tomorrow. I hope to set up the equipment necessary and load what ever i can over winter. I want to work in an efficient manner that makes sense. Probably going to stay away from automating as thats not in the budget at moment but open to it in the future.
  18. Haven't been actively reloading in about 2 years due to.....life. during the pandemic sold a few thousand of my commercially loaded ammo stash because some people wanted my ammo more than they wanted their hard earned dollars. I was going to rebuy, when I realised I should take a look at what I have on hand in terms of reloading. I have 50k small rifle primers here. So I am going to reload some 556. I currently have 2 650 xl with case feeders and a super swager. If you where going to take on this task how would you do it?? My biggest concerns are trimming and swaging (not sure if this is accurate). should I bite the bullet and buy the 1050/1100?? Or swage on 650 with a swage it attachment??? rt1500 power trimmer???? Any advice is appreciated
  19. I think i may have found the critical dimension. Center of Pin to sear face .4045 +0/-.003 Is this best practice for determining sear "life" remaining
  20. In the process of bettering a previously fit sear, my results are not getting me where i would like to be. I fear too much material has been removed to go any furthor with this part. Is there a standard measurement that can determine if the sear is now just too short
  21. Hopping I am not regretting my decision to ditch my hornady LNL for the dillon 650 New setup for 38 Super. Using the 9mm/38 Super Caliber Conversion. About half of my brass (mixed brands) will not feed past the Brass buttons. It seams to be too large. I double check all to make sure they where not Super Comp Brass. Any advice here??? Most of the time with a good bit of force I can push it past the bind up with the pin, Few times it locked up pretty solid. I measured the rim of the cases. They where all around .400 +/- .002
  22. SOLUTION Problem was the trigger over travel backed its way out. When the Disconnect moved down as the slide cylcled backward, the trigger moved back furthor, and somehow jammed up the disconnect.
  23. I have built several guns before but can't get past this issue on this gun. Its a 1911 Single stack 9mm with a Bull Barrel from KKM, STI Frame, STI Slide, Most of the fire control is STI as well, using a Wilson Combat Mag. Problem: With slow deliberate fire where I hold the trigger back through recoil the gun fails to feed nearly 100% of the time. The majority of the time the round is still left in the mag, sometimes it makes it up the ramp and into the chamber a bit, but never fully. If I fire quickly as in shooting "double taps" drills there is no feed issue (shot 50 rnds flawlessly). My inclination is the the disconnect is the problem. I have polished the the trigger bow, flat on triggerbow side of disconnect, flat on disconnect that contacts sear spring, and the top of the disconnect that rides against the slide. All polished to mirror shine. And a light oil on reassembly. Any other advice???
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