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  1. I am a match director – and am one of those not offering PCC. Stage design absolutely must take into account PCC. I need to think about their make ready location. I need to think of their start position. I need to think about forced strong/weak hand shots. I need to think about where/why/when they will reload. I need to make sure any ports/walls/fault lines work for the longer gun. I need to think more about props. I need to think about all of the above for both an experienced shooter and a brand new shooter who has never shot a match before. Outside of the stages, I now have to worry about a slightly different set of rules because *PCC*. You can now handle a gun, only if it’s PCC (not flagged just means an escorted trip to a safe location). You can’t point it at anyone even if flagged – what if it’s in a cart? You can only bag/unbag against a berm or else you are DQed – but only for PCC, not allowed for a handgun. Do I now need fault lines against berms for this? Is placing off and on a cart the same as bagging? I am a volunteer, the matches already sell out quickly with pistol shooters, and all of the above means more work for me. If someone else would like to take over as MD so they can start offering PCC I will gladly hand over the program.
  2. Do they fall over if you hit under the pivot point?
  3. Just write in the stage description that PCC division must complete at least one mandatory reload after first shot and before last shot in the COF. Sure, it doesn't meet all of the USPSA stage design rules - but PCC requires simple changes elsewhere so this should be okay also, right? Or since they need a special start position anyways - make all PCC starts unloaded and must pick up magazines from a table/bucket/sitting on the ground in front of the target furthest away.
  4. Its usually the full size ones that are the problem - since they are 1.5" thick and on a heavy mount they don't move at all. Planning on using only the BC zones on the posts and the swinging 8" Econo plates which seem to react well.
  5. Any specific requests for things to include or not include in the stages? We will be using the 600 yard range this match.
  6. Scores: https://practiscore.com/results.php?uuid=0e90081e-ff6c-48c6-ba72-37e6695f3333
  7. Stage 1 - 18 Pistol, 12 Rifle Stage 2 - 4 Pistol, 26 Rifle or Pistol Stage 3 - 31 Pistol Stage 4 - 16 Pistol, 32 Rifle Stage 5 - 20 Pistol, 20 Rifle Note: Lots of steel for both pistol and rifle, plan on extra. Minimum: 115 Pistol, 90 Rifle. No walk ons.
  8. I will post a round count tonight or tomorrow after I am done the stages, but no more then 150 rifle and 150 pistol required shots. No sling will be required. There will be a 100% steel stage sponsored by / using demo targets from Empty Clip Targets.
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