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  1. I run mine in a blade tech WRS, I use the 6" model.
  2. Did FBC tactical close down ? Their web page isn't working, couldn't find them on FB either.
  3. Also Bladetech WRS 6" from Shooters Source, on my 5.4 SV Greta holster for 3 gun
  4. Yes but you will defeat the purpose as there will still be one missing in the tube, thus capacity is un changed.
  5. So if you are close enough to ghost load through the tube then you are close enough to get an extra round in the tube then. I am not sure we have the same definition of Ghost load. What I have always referred to as ghost load is this Tube fully loaded, on a older Benelli or a modified new one. You can pull back the bolt just enough to get a shell in and push the lifter down. You then load one in the chamber it allows you to increase you capacity by one. Haven't tried it with the beretta.
  6. I think a venture capital group has owned Colt for years to the best of my knowledge. I was just giving you an example, and maybe something to consider based on a gun I had been around built by Umerax even though they used a reputable brand to build it under. If you feel comfortable Beretta wouldn't allow a company to pay them big dollars to licenses the use of their name. Even though they don't have quality oversight. Maybe you have some information I don't. I would value the performance of the way the gun shot over the novality of it. Then again I would rather shoot them more then look at
  7. Wasn't it Umerax that did one of the Colt Ar22s it was licensed by Colt. It looked pretty good until you pulled it apart the barrel was sleeved like a soft air gun. To the best of my knowledge the parts are not interchangeable with aftermarket acc. Not sure about the AXR but I'd built by Umerax that would be a red flag for me . I certainly would trade my 15-22 for one. How is being popular and highly customizable a bad thing ?
  8. Nice M2 I have been running an Accurate iron M2 for over two years. Mike does great work. I love mine.
  9. Had a great time shooting and RO'ing this match. Great group to work with. ETTS and Patrick are great host great shooting range. If you didn't go this year make sure you make the next one. Thanks to all the sponsors.
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