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  1. Any lefties jump to the gen 5 for the ambi slide release? I believe the mag drop can be swapped side to side as well maybe? Curious if any lefties made the switch and changed their mechanics with the gen 5. Thanks
  2. Good news is that CZUSA normally over quotes on their turn around. So you will probably have it sooner, don't hold me to it, but they quoted me the same and I had my gun back in under 2 weeks.I sent them my CZ Redhead target, and it came back with an extra set of extended chokes... I don't know if that was a mistake or not, but it sure made me a believer, and a happy customer. You were right- the gun was back to my door in under 2 weeks! I have yet to test it myself, but they did the following: Opened the gas port Deepened the extractor groove Reamed the chamber And went down a 20+ point checklist, and then test fired with multiple types of 2 3/4 & 3" Happy Customer
  3. I picked up an SBE II on gb yesterday. I'll follow your list Kurt and go from there. Thanks
  4. That's for the advice, suesstech. Update: I called CZ USA. They sent me a fedex label to ship it to them for repair under warranty. Said 4-6 weeks. I'll update the thread when I get it back. Talk about great customer service!
  5. FYI - Driver Spring for Stoeger m2000 PN: 33097
  6. Update on this- Good news: Stoeger will send a new 'driver spring' free of charge. Bad news: They don't have any in stock, nor do they have any on order from turkey. = 60+ days.
  7. Kurt- What all does it take to get a SBE 3 gun ready? And does it require any work to reliably cycle light loads? Thanks Wade
  8. Kurt- You were the one who recommended the super Vinci in an older post- what makes the SBE better than the super Vinci? Or has the super vinci proven to be unreliable? Thanks, Wade http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=164500&page=2
  9. Which shotgun is better for Quad Load - Super Vinci or Versa Max? I'm in the market for a new shotgun. Qualities I need: -Easy to Quad Load -Easy to increase LOP (up to 15.5"), adjust drop and cast for a lefty shooter -Extremely reliable This will be used for 3 gun and sporting clays. Thanks, Wade
  10. Sound good Kurt. I'll do both. I might have stored the gun with the bolt locked back- is that a no-no?
  11. #4 Rio high brass. It also happened with hornady heavy coyote (1 1/2 oz, 1300 fps- also high brass). It's rare, but frustrating when it does occur. I believe it also happened with a regular birdshot on one occasion, but cleared up after a good cleaning. FTE video:
  12. I've got a CZ 712 utility that doesn't like to eject shells. At first it was only rio shells, now it's happening with other shells. I figure it might be a weak ejector spring. Unfortunately it seems the pin is welded in place, so I can't get to the spring without a good bit of effort. Anyone have experience with something similar? Any recommendations?
  13. My model 2000 recently started jamming in full recoil using standard dove and target loads. I'm guessing I need a new recoil spring. Anyone had a similar issue? I'll call Stoeger tomorrow and see about getting a spring.
  14. Tag for updates. I've got a lefty gun. Couldn't get the links / pictures to work. Can you repost?
  15. Rngunner- I just google searched pics of the Vinci loading port. Based on what I'm seeing, I would advise knocking the edges off the lever. Really focus on rounding/angling the leading edge, and remove all serrations. That said, I'm guessing you're catching the brass rim on the second shell? If you're catching any other part of the shells I'd say you're starting too far back.
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