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  1. Interested in this as well. It was up over the weekend, and by the time I got the go ahead from the War Department, the site was down. Dag blast it.
  2. The same thing happened with my 930 SPX. Sent it back to Mossberg and it happened once after it came back, but I haven't shot it enough since to say whether that was a fluke and the problem has gone away. So, I got a JM 930. The bolt would bind on the shell carrier if minimal pressure was used on the release (no shells in the gun). Also failures to fire with primer strikes but no bangs. Back to Mossberg. They fixed the bolt problem, but now the carrier is cocked and feeds shells diagonally and stuffs them into the side of the chamber as they try to feed, creating a stoppage. I shot ~50 rds. with no failures to fire, but they only seem to happen in matches, so until I get through a match without one, I'm not gonna say it's fixed. I will say that I have had good experiences with Mossberg's CS and hope that I can get these problems sorted out. However, I do have a 930 SPX and a JM 930, which if sold may buy me a shotgun that works.
  3. Just as an aside, it's also part of the reloading method taught by at least two of the co-founders of the IDPA.
  4. If I understand the mechanics of auto-forwarding correctly (which I very well may not), it is possible to send the slide forward before the mag is fully seated. Basically what occurs (and not saying you don't already know this) is that if the grip is hit at the right angle and with the right force, the frame moves forward while the heavier mass of the slide stays put, which then releases the tension from the slide stop and sends the slide forward. If you hit the grip with your hand before the mag gets fully seated, the slide will pass over the top of the round in the magazine. So, OP, you may want to check and see if you're getting to the grip with your palm before the mag gets fully seated in the gun.
  5. I shoot IDPA and 3-gun at TAC2 every month, and I know the MD for the USPSA matches. Let me know if you have any questions.
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