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  1. Was able to examine one of the Stock 3 models at a show last week and it did appear to be a small frame. The barrel length seems to have returned to 5 inches, making the slide slightly heavier. Since the frame has been milled out for a picatinny rail, the benefit of the desirable additional weight to improve recoil control may have been lost compared to the "straight" Stock 2. No bull barrel either. BTW: The trigger job was far better than my Stock 2's from the factory. A noticeable improvement on the Stock 2? Wouldn't want to sell mine - yet.
  2. Correct. After the first shot they are all the same (single action). The trigger characteristic of a double action trigger in single action mode is different though, but an ultralight trigger for carry work is not advisable anyhow. One consideration for carry work is to find a CCW holster for the Stock II. Don't know which ones are available for the squared trigger guard and long dust cover.
  3. Hi Henning, As discussed last time, remember to let me know exactly when and I can tag along and ride "shotgun" . Bianchi
  4. @Cha-Lee: No primer looks like this one. As stated, the strike is still round but shallow, but the depth probably has more to do with the S+B primers. Thanks for the advice regarding the recoil springs. @Garyl: Hi-jacking? No problem. Your experiences also make interesting reading. IMHO, a 13lb hammer spring may require a lighter (shortened) firing pin spring to reduce the swipe effect as well. However, taking too much could result in a slam-fire risk with a heavy recoil spring and you are using a 11lbs spring that is actually higher when used in a shortened slide version such as the Stock or Stock II. I plan to remove the firing pin safety to check this with my Stock II's set-up, but am probably still far away from this limit. First the championship, then more tuning...
  5. Nothing. One rather shallow symmetric dimple. I am tempted to take off some more coils but the current solution seems to be sufficient. District championships next weekend, so never change a running system . BTW: Still battling with the 8lbs./10lbs. main spring decision in the Stock II (i.e. shorter slide). Thursday will be the final opportunity to test the preferred option. Any recommendations?
  6. Couldn't resist the challenge . Currently I am using the 14 lbs. Wolff hammer spring in my Stock II and did not experience any misfire last week despite using my regular S+B ammo (relatively hard primers) and retention of the firing spring safety for PD. The solution was to lighten the firing pin spring by removing some coils to compensate for the weaker hammer spring. Previously there were some issues with misfires, particularly in DA mode, but these appear to have been solved by this remedy. Post-shooting inspection of the cases did not reveal any excessive puncturing of the primers but the FP spring will probably need to be exchanged should the hammer spring weight need to be increased again. After all the polishing work and sear optimization, mine is pushing slightly over 6 lbs DA and 2 lbs SA with the 14 lbs spring. The Final Frontier = 13 lbs. If CZ can do it...... Regards, Bianchi
  7. Some sort of a franchising deal maybe? The parts could be marked/marketed as "Approved by Tanfoglio as an original part" or "Approved Tanfoglio part". For an X% contribution per part sold via Henning, they would have to assume warranty coverage and include them in the regular Tanfo marketing documents. A "win-win" situation probably.....Tanfos become more competitive and popular especially for Production . At the last national championship in my neck of the woods, hardly one gleaming Stock II could be identified amongst the PD fraternity, so there is definately room for improvement. CZ Shadows/Mambas comprised over 30% of the field.
  8. This is a factory option. Production legal. Basically looks like the Limited Custom 2 with Gun kote. Must be a new option. Have fun breaking in the bronco tomorrow... Don't forget the photos...
  9. I bought a new stock 2 in Gun kote, Congrats - photos please.... I thought that the finish can't be changed in PD though. Bianchi
  10. Great idea! Don't forget to include a decent sear as well.... If Tanfoglio doesn't want to go to the trouble themselves, they would indirectly profit from increased interest in all PD approved models and others by creating a "Performance Center". My Stock II wasn't very competitive "out of the box". It took hours of polishing and tweaking with a lot of help from some of you guys to get the trigger right. Henning, why don't you fly back to the US via Milano or Verona ?
  11. Henning, I am getting slightly envious of the Standard/Open class fraternity now...... What a fine selection of bits and pieces will be available to the guys and gals out there. Any thoughts about what parts could maybe, ever so possibly, accidentally fall into a PD Stock II, besides the regular polishing tricks? Just to get the list going: Lighter hammer spring Alimin(i)um grips EGW sear (has to work with the standard DA trigger though) Sear pin and reamer (for the standard sear?) Lighter trigger reset spring The new trigger pin (or will this be too obvious?) Fiber front sight ......? I might just throw in the towel and convert this fine pistol into a race gun in order to continue tweaking it . Regards, Bianchi
  12. Hi Klinfire, Welcome to the forum. Since the Tanfoglios use semi-polygon Lothar Walther barrels that are hard-chromed, it doesn't take much to get them clean (fortunately ). I use the German VFG Quick Clean pellets with an adapter on the cleaning rod and a little oil. Two pellets and the barrel looks like new again. Like most of the custom Tanfos, the Stock II is also a highly accurate pistol due to the tight fitting, the match barrel and the adjustable sights, and is therefore more versatile than the Shadow, but the out of the box trigger requires some tuning to make it competitive. Cheers, Bianchi
  13. Enough ideas to solve the problem for the moment. Thanks all . Bianchi
  14. Hi, The trigger pin (roll pin) on my Stock II tends to start creeping out to the left side by approx. 1/16" after 100 rounds. Has anyone else experienced this and, if so, what is the remedy? Bianchi
  15. Hot stuff Henning ! Saves me a lot of bother dealing with the factory directly, even if they aren't so far away. Compliments on the service and the patience to hear out my ideas..... Bianchi PS: Henning: Any hot topics for me to trash out with Massimo at IWA in March, such as the Stock II large frame mag pads? Drop me an email with the laundry list if required.
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