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  1. I agree with Pete! I made some dummy rounds with no primer when setting up the Dillon and filled in glue in the back. Works great. Take a Sharpie and put a ring around the rim of the brass so it is clearly marked with a color! Dont use to color you mark your match ammo with! I almost did this!! Big
  2. I know these look GAY but they saved me at A3!!!! I had 2 of them, one in the cooler at all times every stage I switched them out. Just a lilttle water in the bottom of the cooler was enough to submerg it and keep it ICE cold! I recomend them! Well worth the price and reuseable! Just let them sit out on the counter for a week and they shrink back down to nothing again! I would like to see vendors have these at matches in hot weather. A $$$$ maker for shure. Easy to make at home too! Just buy one and have thew wife copy the dimentions, Hobby Lobby has the gel rocks cheep! http://www.painreliever.com/polarproducts_EvaNeckBand.html
  3. OMG wow! I have seen a open gun bottom out on a port and go thru hard plywood wall. But a mag just under a port is a little to close. How did the CRO not see a saftey issue there. I would have needed to be there for the full pic of the "house". Still glad to hear no one got any flack from the explodeing mag. Still a $90 oops!
  4. I shot at Area 3 this year and the heat was so bad I could not think strait. The index was 106 on the last day. I just plain lost all consentration and missed a plain as day large steel on one stage. I look back and notice now where I went wrong. Has any one else had this problem? What can I do to combat this next year?
  5. This will FLOP just like the other brands that went out of the clear lines of good beer.... IE EX, EX light, Red dog and the soon to be past new chill's. You know the ones with lime and salt. Makes me want to HURL just thinking about it.....
  6. Video has been removed from this link! Update or delete....
  7. Hope we dont have any sour apples like that on here! E-go made up for his small_______!
  8. Does "Spray and Pray" mean anything when you have no religon? They say no Athiest's in foxholes!
  9. Save the boxes for fireplace starter! Thats what I use them for after the pie is gone.
  10. Shawn im still laughing over this link! Where were you for 3 gun this weekend? We missed you and I have your gear.....
  11. I think the flip and catch should be a rule book must! Clear the pistol slowly and safely. If there is a dought about haveing a AD in that clearing prosses, dont do it and no chance of an accedent! Injury is not worth the single piece of ammo....
  12. Funny you should ask... I had the RO read the sheet for the stage and I read it my self. Then I was up first! Yea the hits were there but with a procedural was not worth it. The heat was a big factor on my fat ass. My mind was not there at all for 3 of the 12 stages. You can see all kinds of things I missed in my videos. I even left a large steel on stage 6, big as life and I just moved past it like it was not even there.... I finnished 1st above all the "U" class shooters. So I was not all displeased with my performance. Thanks
  13. Yes that is Drazy's wild idea of fun. I t was not to bad except poping the no shoot once! LOL Cant will them all......
  14. I shot my first big match at Area 3 Championship in Nebraska this July. I shot in the "U" class due to being new to this trigger pulling thing. I have been a long time hunter, just got boring to hunt and not have any one to belive the great shots I could pull off. So I started playing this game. I have spent over 5 k this year on ammo and new guns for 3 gun and limited class. Here is the site I post all my videos. http://www.youtube.com/user/str8shooterjm Comments welcome. Please dont hesitate to say something! Im still new and need all the guidence I can collect. I am a proud member of the Eastern Nebraska Practicle Shooters {http://www.easternnebraskapracticalshooters.com/} and the Eastern Nebraska Gun Club {http://www.engcinc.org/index.htm} James Enjoy....
  15. Here are all my stages and some extra too. http://www.youtube.com/user/str8shooterjm Had a blast.... Next year I wont be a "U" shooter. The RO's did great and am proud of them for lasting all weekend thru the heat of 100+! Thank you! James {Squad 70}
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