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  1. This is what really precipitated my question.
  2. Is this a home job or a send it to Smith job?
  3. I have a Smith custom shop Thunder Ranch 625. One of the six chambers in the cylinder doesn’t allow even factory ammunition to seat to full depth. As a result the cylinder drags at that cartridge with or without a moon clip. Is there a tool of preference to address this problem? Thanks Bill
  4. Nice grip work. Source?
  5. Thanks for the help. Friend lives 100 miles away and wants to come up for a install. He has no tools to measure. As a result I hoped to find in advance if Colt still used big pins and the sear block to save him a possibly wasted trip. Thanks Bill
  6. Tell me about a JP trigger. As a highpower goy this is not a trigger I know. Thanks Bill
  7. A friend would like me to put a giessle trigger in his lower. What pin size do the latest production m4 clone's from Colt have? Do the still use the sear block? Thanks Bill
  8. Info today is they no longer take guns from non ffl shooters. Regards Bill
  9. wfv56

    Carmonized 627

    Mike thanks again! No problems with my ammo( Fed small,158 Berry/ VV320). Will send My 5 inch 625 for same work this week. Do the mim hammers work out as well as the chrome one's?? Regards Bill
  10. I added a 627 PC 5 inch gun recently. Man was I bummed with the factory DA pull of about twelve pounds. Also loaded moons (TK) would not drop in with 158 plated bullets. I installed a Wolf spring set that dropped the pull about two pounds. So I send the gun to Mike Carmony for tuning. The total time the gun is gone is eight days. Shipping time consumed six days. Yep Mike's turn around was less than 48 hours-!! Well now the gun has a 4.5 pound double action that is smooth as silk. Moon's can be thrown in the general direction of the cylinder and drop in. Service like this deserves a public thank you. Mike thanks a ton. I will send my 625 next. Bill Vaughan
  11. Need a little help guys. Has any of you used a scandium frame Smith and Wesson for high volume use? Do they hold up well? Any conversions of the 8 shot 357 to 38 super? Any recommendations on a gun smith to do they work? Thanks Bill
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