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  1. Posters- I came across this post and thought to reply. My high cap gun has basically a set screw near the top of the mag chute that the magazine hits (so it doesn't pass the mag catch). Modification was done by Arnel, the RIA custom gunsmith. I have also head that the SVI mags can be modified to work since the frame is pretty much a PARA frame. I will post more in my blog when I try that option.
  2. For those who may need a visual reference and want to see the drills, the DVD's are ready and for sale now. Please visit my webpage here for more information: S-P Books/DVD's Thanks, and I hope everyone has a happy New Year!
  3. I am interested I have been running his program for two months. I also have his log book but Im running out of match logs, wish you could print one from his site. Reach out to me, I will send you a link for printable logs!
  4. For those of you who have the book and wished for a more visual learning tool...the DVD of the drills (skills and drills) is on the final edit this week. Register online for the release (www.shooting-performance.com) or email me direct for details! Mike S.
  5. Generally I don't post on here about the USSA range conditions, but thought the information might present a clearer picture for the future. First of all, I have seen several posters on there that may not have the complete pictures because they: A. Don't live in Tulsa, and B. Have only see the USSA range at its worse (in two of the 7-8 majors held there in its first years). Here are some general facts: - All of the major matches after that USPSA national championships have been successful, even with some significant rain. - The purported "drainage problem" has always been an incorrect term. I am not an engineer, but our after action of the drainage issue showed a few things: 1. (As we predicted to the previous owner): The SOD was not mature enough to hold up to 400+ shooters, especially if we got bad weather. 2. Bird Creek was the major culprit combines with an unmature range, because it is the main drainage that allows USSA to function and drain. It was blocked that year due to the previous years ice storm (pretty much broke every tree in the area) damming the creek. 3. The year the problem occurred, we received a huge (hurricane off Texas) amount of rain. (I am not sure if we have received as much since at any one short amount of time) All of this being said, I can only comment on what I have seen since. - We have had torrential rain multiple times, and the range drained very nicely. (even with some larger matches being held) - The time of year completely determines the weather, and a match during the right time will be a great match As far as comments about USSA's future, I wish I could post a clear prediction, but it is certainly unknown to me at this point. I can however comment that future owners have expressed big interest in having major competitive events regularly. They strongly support the sport, and would love to see any match held at USSA. The IDPA shooters we had several years in a row were a huge pleasure to have at USSA, and I think they enjoyed USSA as much as it enjoyed them. I am sure the match would be welcome back, but of course can not speak for the management or owners once the USSA sale is final. All indications point to a VERY positive future for USSA at this point. Please email me directly with questions: mikeseeklander@shooting-performance.com
  6. Paul- Your eyes will catch up, I promise! Wait until you see what you have been missing!
  7. SV-COP: There is a live fire modification for you. Read further and look at the pages that address modifying the live fire to less than three per week. Good luck!
  8. CY- The drills come in the book: Your Competition Handgun Training Program "Competition Handgun Training Drills" (as per the description), is just the drills without the program and other chapters. I hope this helps! Mike S.
  9. MTT Price on the competition Handgun Training program (from S-P) is actually $395 per person. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the great comments! I hope those who have ordered are receiving their copies and reading them in preparation to move to the next step....Training! I am toying with a question page for the stuff I am bound to get when the books arrive, they are rich with material but any good instructor will EXPECT questions, so I am and will most likely post a page on my website. Happy New Year Everyone!
  11. Holy crap, 98A! Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the comments....hope all is well!
  12. Hi Bubber! With no intended sarcasm, I did not get to see much of what would be required in the other events! They booted me too soon! I would say if you are in reasonable shape, you would be just fine, but I also believe that fitness it a big part of everything, so hopefully that helps! Take care!
  13. Hi JZ- I am slow to reply because I have not been on this topic for a long time! Thanks for the wise and honest comments! I hope to meet you, and if you see me at a match or in Tulsa, please come say hi an let me have the honor!
  14. Mike, you handled it well. Sorry to see you go. I was pulling for you, JJ and Blake. In regards to your comment about the ladder sight...it looked like the resident expert did at least flip it up and down in this video at 52 seconds. Although he didn't go into detail about it, he did look like he briefly flipped it up, turn some knobs and flipped it back down. I'm not pointing this out to contradict you, but it may have been a clue that many on your team missed during the briefing. It looks like the briefing/training is purposely not disclosing everything about the weapon, leaving some things for the competitors to find out on their own. http://www.history.com/shows/top-shot/videos/playlists/weapons#the-long-shot-weapons-rundown yes sir, your are right. It was brief, and I missed that or failed to pick up on it. Don't think anyone else did either.
  15. Thanks a bunch! You know, one thing I thought about myself is that I came across pretty confident....ok, maybe cocky on some of those clips. What people don't realize is that we did 4+ hours of interviews, and they picked what they wanted. On a second note, I guess anyone could be seen in that light, we are shooters and are all confident in our skill. But in hindsight, I did feel I might come across cocky to someone who does not know me.
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