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Just finished our 20th year at hosting monthly events

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Well we had a bit of a party at the range today with a Pies table = big Apple pies and Pecan pies for all.

My wife has helped me host a club match for 20 years now, over the years it included several Sportsman's Team Challenge regional events.

I am handing the lead off to some new blood to keep the club going and give me more time to make big three gun events out of town.

Looking back 20 years I made lots of friends , but its good to think about a break.


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There was an older couple at our club that held a PPC match for 20-30 years. They called the match, made a lunch and taught many, myself included, safe gun handling skills and fundamentals. They just wanted everyone to have a good time. The match grew to over 30 shooters, and for PPC that's a lot. Pattie finally died of lung cancer, and the match wasn't the same. No one realized how hard it was to put on the match, because she made it look so easy. Pattie died very quickly and I never got to thank her, so if it's ok, I will thank you.

Many thanks, Tim.

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