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  1. A much better idea would be to have him come back, run the match and double the numbers again.
  2. I think that would be a good place to start. I used that 5.5 gr Power Pistol load in my 9mm Target Master for PPC and it worked well. It looks like the max 9mm loads are in the 32000 psi range and the 38 super max loads are in the 34000 psi range so using the max 9mm data should be safe. http://www.bullseyepistol.com/reloads.htm http://www.alliantpowder.com/reloaders/powderlist.aspx?type=1&powderid=8&cartridge=23 I have used Power Pistol in a Bianchi revolver and it works the comp well. The downside is more perceived recoil, especially shooting in an indoor range due to it's flashy nature.
  3. Congratulations, always enjoy reading your progress.
  4. Over the years I wonder how many people Warren has helped at matches with his tool kit.
  5. +1 K-frame Model 10 Model 12 Model 13 Model 14 Model 15 Model 17 Model 19 Model 617 Model 64 Model 65 Model 66 Model 67 L-frame Model 581 Model 586 Model 619 Model 620 Model 646 Model 681 Model 686 http://www.guns.com/review/gun-review-smith-wesson-model-65-4-production-outdated/
  6. Stevenb, for Bianchi those look perfect.
  7. http://4wheelguns.com/KLFrameGrips.html
  8. http://randirogersshooting.com/contact/
  9. http://www.bayoubullets.net/ Bayou has a 124 RN in .355, .356 or .357 for $236 (3500 ct.).
  10. Check to see if the firing pin spring is broken. It can break in half and partially collapse giving some return, but with increased resistance. For all gun lube inside and out I use mobile 1 synthetic oil.
  11. I would want to find a local dealer or gun show so I could look it over before buying.
  12. Just for approximate cost examples using a 125 gr bullet, XTP's are about .19 cents per bullet, Rainier plated are .11 cents and Bayou coated are .06 cents. I have never been able to get acceptable accuracy from plated bullets so I wouldn't buy them for that reason. Bayou coated bullets are relatively inexpensive, clean and give acceptable accuracy for USPSA.
  13. I think the round butt frame design is just more versatile. The grip can be changed depending on the application, CCW (round butt) or hunting/competition (square butt). The handling quality is subjective depending on what you like and the application.
  14. Definitely a concern when working up a load. I think the limiting factor would be the frame. Basically trying to make a 940 with a light weight frame. The 340 has had scandium added to the aluminum frame for strength. Maybe just a lot easier and safer to get the LCR in 9mm. It's a little heavier but better sights, grip and trigger.
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