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  1. .510 whisper

    I am looking for 510 whisper information, good or bad . Anybody shoot one ? Likes and dislikes Thanks for alll info John b
  2. benelli 828

    Any body get to use the new 828 benelli? It has new features.
  3. Help me decide between 2 shotguns

    I agree, fit is best choice. If you buy browning or benelli auto they come with shims to change fit. These shims help dial it in,to you. Left or right handed.
  4. 410

    i shoot 410 on 5 stand. love it . makes my 20 ga game better.
  5. Citori 725 Question

    i am going to suggest MGW with their unfinished barrels.
  6. have you tried gil ash on youtube? there are a bunch of free videos on youtube
  7. Semi-auto for trap - stopping shell ejection

    if it is a benelli. you use a credit card and slide it between the barrel and the top of the receiver. then heat it with a lighter and bend it down and so the shell eject right to your feet. i will post pics with it in my gun. as soon as i can. P.S. i think it works on brownings too
  8. sweeping other people with shotguns

    hi all my gun is not always loaded. like when you hear on the news i was cleaning my gun and it went off. well my gun is never loaded when cleaning. my gun is not loaded when it is in the trunk of the car broken into 3 peices in the case.( in this condition it is a better bat) my finger is on the triger when cleaning it and the barrel in on the bench. LOL( jhgtyre) just messing with you
  9. Any new 1-6 or bigger scopes?

    i do have a nikon 6.5-20 on now. i am trying to find out what the top guys who win STC shoot with? to see how far off other setups are?!
  10. Any new 1-6 or bigger scopes?

    has any one tried the nikon M-223 ? i did not see this one mentioned in all of this. i am looking for 2 new scopes one for 3 gun and one for STC ( sports mans team challange) to put on my 22 for this game. i would like them to be the same just ffor ease of use. and the 22 will be used mostely under lights or at dusk with odd lighting. all input welcome before i buy any. thanks ] john b
  11. look what fits my beretta

    i found that my beretta teknys butt stock is too wide. for my fat face all shots are a little to the left(lol). so i did this here are some pics
  12. does anybody know where to install a ejection port pin in a browning gold auto. So shells go to the ground, instead of hitting the guy to my right. i want to use this gun for trap. thanks in advance for any help jb
  13. shotgun fit questions

    a few thing i learned in shotgun fitting. if you are fitting the gun to your self use a mirror and mount your gun with eyes closed. then open your eyes. you should be looking at your self with a bead between the shooting eye and the one in the mirror. also i used this fro practice. to get reputabilityon gun mount. also go to the shooting range and use the pattern board. put a mark on the pattern board. shoot at it like it were a clay. then see the point of impact.now to get good fit point of aim and impact should be the same. when i did this my gun was way left so i had to change the cast or sand a divit in the wood stock to fit face in properly. kept sanding until the gun lined up and watched shot pattern move to the right until i was satisfied with point of impact and point of aim the same also if you learn better by watching some body. there are a few good videos on youtube. they are from OSP shooting school he give goood tips hope this helps you jb
  14. Shooting from the 27 yard position

    i shot for the first time a 50-50-50. i used my browning gold sporting clays gun with a IM choke. i broke 42 out of 50from 16yd line then 44 from 22yd line and 43 in doubles. this worked out to 86%. i think this trap thing is just a lot of practice with one gun.
  15. shotgun fit questions

    hello all there are a few good fitting and instruction videos on utube from OSB sports it might be OSB shooting school(i think that is the name). also i use a mirror to find gun fit just like i used a mirror for drawing pistol practice. you mount your gun in front of a mirror with both eyes closed when u open shooting eye it should be starrin right at your eye on the mirror with the front bead right in the middle of your eye. tihs also builds consistency has helped me a lot.
  16. which 617

    i would like to know which is better speed loader. for these guns in 10 shot. the California competition works or the DS or the other one that i can not remember the name of. i want to buy 5 of these for my wife so she can shoot a 22 match thanks for the info
  17. thumbhole stock

    why is it i do not see thumbhole stocks on clay bird guns? is it the cost of making one? i thingk if you could keep your wrist straighter up and down (90 degrees to the ground or close to that)you could shoot better. like my thumbhole stock on one of my riles. also more comfort?!? What am i missing. jb
  18. thumbhole stock

    yes very nice pics that is what i am talking about. looks like i need a parzzi. LOL the remington is not bad either jb
  19. thumbhole stock

    who makes the butt stocks for the Olympic shotguns. i also am looking for a pictures of them. jb
  20. TOP SHOT 10 - Season Finale

    i did not see this posted yet in here. every time they had a new weapon to use i told my wife i need that one. so i can practice that. you should have seen her face when the H&K 93 was on there. i think she knows how much that is. so i used the show to get new toys jb
  21. 22 revo trigger

    recently i read an article about improving your .22 trigger. now i can not find it. i would like to improve my new 617 trigger. thanks in advance jb
  22. 22 revo trigger

    thanks for the information i do want to keep high reliability jb
  23. does anyone know

    does anyone know if the butt stocks are the same for a SBE II and legacy. i need a wood butt stock for my legacy so i can cut it to fit me.there is one on ebay cheep. the comfort tech one i have does not fit. i did find that the cast shims are the same. thanks for the help
  24. does anyone know

    here is a pic of my M2 and my legacy. if M2 and SBE II are the same then legacy is the same also. the stocks interchange. the only thing i have found so far is that the wood stock cast and comb shims are different than than comfort tech.
  25. Powder Selection

    hsmith; where did you find wads for that price?(i would like to know) heavy; i shoot federal 2 3/4 dram out of my benelli and have no problem. got them from wally world.