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  1. M&P 10098 Production Legal?

    Provided that the barrel is not ported
  2. 17 year old amateur from Massachusetts

    Hello Mike I am from northeast CT and mainly shoot USPSA matches in MA (Harvard, Hopkinton, and Monson). My son (who will be 12 in November) is joining a SSSF Scholastic Action Shooting Program team that is forming in North Brookfield. He will be shooting rimfire pistol, and will also be shooting Steel Challenge matches at Harvard (RFPI). It goes without saying, but review the laws in MA pertaining to possession and transportation of firearms. At 17, it would be unlawful for you to possess firearms or ammunition outside the presence and control of your parent (or whoever is the lawful owner of the firearms). Furthermore, you will be unable to purchase ammunition of any sort in MA until you get your MA license, and will be restricted from purchasing handgun ammunition until you reach the age of 21.
  3. You might have had one of mine. I was the SNCOIC of Pistol Section of PWS in 2000-2001 before I went on recruiting duty. I replaced SSgt Kitashima, and I do not remember who my replacement was.
  4. Ran a couple of test batches of 230gr round nose over Clays. Loaded some Berry's plated and some Blue Bullets. Over the same powder charges, the plated rounds were about 40 fps slower than the Blue Bullets coated lead. All were loaded to 1.255 OAL with CCI large primers. 3.5/3.6 (this drop was teetering between the two measurements and my scale doesn't readout in hundredths) gave me an average of 715 fps with the Blue Bullets and 677 with Berry's. 3.8 gave me 755 fps with Blue and 709 (if I remember correctly) with Berry's. I ran a batch of Blue Bullets over 3.8gr of Clays in yesterday's match, and then shortly after ran some of my left over Blue 200gr SWC over 4.3gr of Clays (1.220 OAL). The recoil felt the same.
  5. New Limited gun request advice

    The first question that I would ask is... do you want to stay in Limited and invest yourself there or do you want to switch to Production? If you are set on staying in Limited and you want the DVC, would you want to take the full bit and get what want and spend an extra 40%ish, or are you willing to settle for the Edge and spend the remaining cash on mags and gear for your new system? I haven't shot either, so I can't offer any help there. If you know someone local that has an STI, see if they will let you give it a spin.
  6. Back on two wheels

    My Sportster got me in and out of Boston for two years. Best thing for Mass Pike traffic. Would gladly trade it for a Duck though.
  7. My new best friend

    Those are the happiest looking dogs. Very cute. Enjoy.
  8. Hello from CT

    That's pretty far down the road . Sorting out some feeding/chambering issues with my 45 SWC loads.
  9. Hello from CT

    Hello Paul. Where in CT are you from? I am in Thompson.
  10. Mag Holder Orientation

    I have the double in the back, just in case I need the extra mags. Works fine, and I got it as part of a Brownells combo pack with the magazines. It takes up about the same amount of room, no real advantage other than the low cost. I will be replacing it though. I wouldn't recommend getting one, but if you already have one go for it.
  11. Red necks and geeks!

    Massachusetts estate planning attorney with an LL.M. in tax law = total geek Former Marine Corps Precision Weapons Repairman and likes building motorcycles = total redneck Never gone hunting and doesn't want to = total geek Active in a sport developed to improve hunting skills (Trap) = total redneck
  12. First broken part in my Shadow 2

    If there was a quote of the day section, this should be included.