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  1. Stop and read what your signing

    Good method Thanks
  2. Holster for EVO grip

  3. I was at the Great Plains Sectional last weekend. On stage 2, I had a good run (for me) and everything went as planned with out a hick up, I was told my time by the RO as 24.18. At the end of the match I received my copy of all the stages I signed off on. Stage 2 was listed as 34.18 seconds and that would have been an eternity without having some kind of issue with the stage. This is a big wake up call to look over the docs you're signing. It cost me at least 10 spots over all and a lot more for that stage. Don't get me wrong.... nobody to blame here but me, I should have looked over the score and time before signing it. The RO writing down the times and scores has his hands full and just misunderstood or didn't hear correctly. It was miserable with rain and drizzle all day so I'm not surprised. So the moral of the story is, don't assume that everything noted for the stage is correct. Check your score and time before signing off. G
  4. Pictorial Comparison RTS2 vs Deltapoint Pro

    I have both and have no issue with the dot size..... it is very bright compared to the c-more and is picked up with ease. Just my .02 G
  5. Pictorial Comparison RTS2 vs Deltapoint Pro

    A guess would be that C-More has been in the USPSA shooting sport longer. Just a thought. G
  6. Pictorial Comparison RTS2 vs Deltapoint Pro

    I have the DPP and the RTS2 over all I like the DPP although I do like the on-off better on the RTS2...... that said I think the DPP is a better sight and would go with it again. Never an issue with fired cases getting jammed up like the original c-more.
  7. Crack in 3 week old slide

    Glad it worked out... did you pick up the shipping or did CK?
  8. best 5/64 to remove the mount screws

    To heat the screw use an electric soldering gun.... works every time and won't screw anything up
  9. New Atlas Open Blaster

    Back from the Sunday Match and the gun ran perfect... Wish I was as good as the gun I could not ask for better.
  10. New Atlas Open Blaster

    I'll get a pound and give it a whirl... what OAL are you running?
  11. New Atlas Open Blaster

    Digital Link from Competition Electronics.... blue tooth connection to the chrono from the phone/app
  12. New Atlas Open Blaster

    Chrono details
  13. New Atlas Open Blaster

    Just 2 in the barrel...
  14. New Atlas Open Blaster

    7.0 gr WAC with 124 gr MG JHP @ 1.163 OAL = Avg. 1397 fps or 173 PF
  15. New Atlas Open Blaster

    SVI 40 degree slide racker, just took it off when I was cleaning it and didn't make it on for the photo shoot....