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  1. I like and am using Uncle Jerry's comp, The Titan has it's uses though, keeps pesky RO's out of personal space and gives your video a dynamic shake for each shot. HaHa. I've heard good things about Robbie Wheaton Comp but haven't had a chance to test one.
  2. I enjoy shooting SC, trap, and skeet traditionally but am looking forward to doing some report pairs with match saver and loading on "pull".
  3. HaHa, I tried that last year and found out I couldn't. HaHa Had a great time though.
  4. I didn't receive a receipt. Or the normal Practiscore Thank You for registering email. I've registered for matches before and after without issue. I only looked on the match page, and didn't see additional contact information. From first post I don't really use or check Facebook either. I was exploring other options as I sent an email on 9/22 and 9/26. Thank you for the response, I'll wait to hear from you. UPDATE- Mr. Horner contacted me, so the issue will be resolved. Thank You.
  5. Has anyone found a way to contact match administration ? I signed up at the same time as the group I wanted to squad with and have been charged for the match. I received no emails or additional information following that. When the rest of the group received the squadding info, I sent and email to to the contact on the website main page, received no response. Waited 2 days and sent another email, no response. Sent Mr. Horner a PM, received no response. Who do I need to contact and how ? I should be in the match, but I understand glitches happen. There needs to be contact from the match administrators though, as they accepted payment.
  6. WHAT ? It's not on a named road, we're screwed. [emoji3]
  7. I have a similar issue, except I'm not running an auto drive so the press just stops on the index stroke. If I'm really moving the case pops out but usually just stop and push the case into the shell plate. There isn't a catch with my case feed and I'm using a Dillon shellplate. I haven't looked into it any further than bump the shell back in and continue. I generally load any brass that comes my way and it might happen 5-6 times a thousand. It seems to be every now and then the shell just hangs up and doesn't fully enter the shell plate. The timing at that juncture is fairly important as the shell plate is moving, as your video shows. I did however just load 1200 new Remington brass and I don't think it happened but might of once. Sorry I can't be of more help, but it's not as frequent for me and I just stop.
  8. Safariland WTF

    It could be that i'm just not intelligent enough but I can't seem to find anything on Safariland's website, haha. I use a safriland belt with ELS clips for limited, single stack and 3-gun. I really like the els setup, but had no clue I could do the same with the holster (QLS). I ordered one ready to have the ultimate "swiss army" belt only to find out it doesn't mate to the 014 holster. Am I missing something ? The versatility of the belt is great but holsters have to be unbolted to change them out. Also does anyone know of a revolver setup for the ELS setup. I can't find them on the website. I'm using a S&W 625, with the straight posts for moon clips. Thanks
  9. Safariland Model 014 fiasco

    My 014 is my favorite holster, it took a bit of tinkering to get it just right. I have it bolted directly to the belt so no worries about breaking it off. Not being a smart ass but are you doing anything with the lock while using the tensioning knob ? If my lock is on I can try to rip the belt off without successfully removing the pistol, with it unlocked I can bump the pistol free. In the spirt of hijacking, i've noticed some play or looseness where the ball is clamped down. It's just a bit of movement and not a functionally issue but I have all 3 screws cranked down and it's still there. Does anyone else have this issue ? Any fixes ?
  10. Auto culler for 45ACP small primer brass

    I just found this and that is a fine piece of engineering, very impressive. Now doing .40 can the last station chamber check to get rid of that pesky glock bulged brass ? I have some ideas but nothing as creative and ingenious as your fix for the spa .45.
  11. Reloaded Ammo Storage

    ULINE sells commercial products, I use buckets from them, quart bucket will hold about 200 .45, The larger buckets seal when you shut them. For test loads they have plastic bags with a label surface. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Where Are You?

    So I'm just getting around to reading the "new users" information and I can't access the map at all. Am I missing something ? Thanks
  13. I built one similar to above for our club but used all thread between the target and mounting point so it could be "calibrated". Mine also didn't look nearly as pretty.
  14. Justified New Season

    So has anybody tried to estimate his draw to first shot speed ? Obviously it's a show but in the show how fast is the draw, he's shooting from the hip or before the gun is fully up to eye level, out of a leather snapped holster, usually his thumb is over the grip and fingers over the slide, holster is at or just in front of hip. So what does that equate to for a draw time 1.0 .9 ? Faster ? Slower ? I can't hit anything without the sights being up to eye level, and I've never shot a stage that started with hand on gun.
  15. So I just got the "list" of possible places to get stationed. I'm in Augusta GA now. What would you go for ? Fort Campbell, KY Fort Knox, KY Fort Hood, TX Fort Huachuca, AZ I really liked Fort Bliss, very close to all the BLM land in New Mexico, so I like the idea of Fort Huachuca but I don't think it can be considered Northern AZ