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  1. Gang, I should have stated my plan is to shoot the course in the "conventional" SC load 2 manner. I would not go out there acting all "Tactical Ted" on them. When I lived up in NW Ohio, I shot trap almost every Thursday evening. I used a Remington 1100 SP with a 28" barrel. It was a standard hunting shotgun, just a basic synthetic stock and matt black metal. You would not believe the dirty looks I got from the guys shooting the custom $2500.00 and up Brownings and Italian trap guns. They really got mad when I beat them on a fairly regular basis. The "traditional" shotgun sports attrac
  2. I have been asked to fill in on a five man squad this Wednesday. It is an industry sponsored charity event. The birds will probably all be close in as opposed to a regular tourney. There will be a lot of conventional hunting shotgunners there as well as some of the big boys who play the clays game regularly. Winning is not really an option as several teams will be stacked. I am a dedicated 3 gunner and have no inspirations to get serious about taking on sporting clays as regular events. I am seriously considering taking my FN SLP. I really want some trigger time on movers with this shotg
  3. I am currently running 5 grains WST with a Berry 125 grain LRN, Wolf SP primer. In my SA 5" 1911 it clocked at 1122 FPS in 85 deg F weather. Next batch I plan to back down to 4.7 grains. I load 9mm, 10MM , 40 and .45 ACP with WST. I really like that powder a lot.
  4. NRA Endowment member

  5. Big plus 1 from me on these two. I admit I load more for economics than for cutting edge competition. Have used WST in .45 since the 80s. Now use WST for .40 too since WSL was dropped by Winchester and my stach of WSL was depleted. Been loading Universal Clays in 9MM, .38 etc... as of late. Caught a deal on an 8lb jug....did not like it in 40 or 45 so it is being used wherever else I can burn it. It is a little dirty though. Using Tac these days on .223. Personally this too is a matter of economics. I am OK with several other powders I have loaded over the years. I just look for 3000
  6. Especially the idea about a "gas mask" stage. I remember a stage at Ashland (KY) Gun Club many moons ago where we had to wear a welder's hood through the COF. Somebody decided that was the best way to simulate a night shoot.
  7. Dillon reps at NRA show last year suggested using a safety pin. The rounded surfaces and hardened steel work far better that cotter pins. Making this change to my 550s has eliminated the sticking chute issues entirely.
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