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  1. MBX 2011 Magazines

    MBX follower and it has a step on it
  2. MBX 2011 Magazines

    Both new 9mm mags are nosing up and creating a jamb any help? Gun is new DVC and the factory mags are running great.
  3. new coatings and smoke

    Clays is GTG with 9mm very little smoke
  4. New STI DVC Open and Limited guns

    Anybody know what the springs # there shipping in the 9mm limited recoil and hammer?
  5. I to received 126's
  6. 12 GA slug recommendation for versa max

    Federal 1oz low recoil works
  7. Another ESP: Cz75 Shadow vs STI Eagle/Marauder

    Single action CZ is very 1911ish yes I shoot one in ESP. Get a custom shop with trigger done.
  8. Accu-shadow/Blue bullets

    Regular Shadow? They run great, accurate
  9. may be a dumb question but can you trim 223 with the 1500 on the short tool head also?1050 that is
  10. Hi from Hong Kong and soon back to Raleigh, NC

    muli-matches every weekend in central NC
  11. In, probably filled faster than 3Gun Regionals
  12. cz custom shop shipping

    Order 2-3 times a year, I'm on east coast get it 2-3 days yea their that good
  13. Bumped my load a little and have had no issues wih 16.5 voodoo, was a little under gased to start oh and increased the gas port a little. Running 75 gr and 55 gr. Mark I run a 16" ultra lite voodoo all off last year at tarheel and regionals and have had no issues but you get it hot enough and it will wonder for sure. Miniuzi number 2 is the reason I changed port size and it went away after that and bumped load a little
  14. Got one a week ago and have run 5k through it, needs a cleaning though