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  1. Most important for reliability in the Edge is to load long - I personally load at 1.80 and tried upward 1.20. Though it was cycling properly I have to mag marks in the tip of my bullets if loaded at 1.20 I shoot Bayou 180 RNFP
  2. In the past 6 months I bought a glock 34, an STI Edge and build a rifle ... I wan't a shotgun and an open gun now ... go figure ... it's called GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)
  3. I understand your "problem" You might be able to shim the upper part of the holder so that it cants a little bit. Otherwise go for the racemasters
  4. I have the racers, was in your shoes not so long ago, I do not regret my choice for a second. As soon as I put them on my belt I knew I made the right choice. I was debating over the option to cant outwards with the racemasters but the racers are positioned perfectly for me.
  5. One Shot is great for pistol brass and does not need to be cleaned off but does not well with rifle brass Case lube is the key (ask me how I know ...)
  6. Remind me and my credit card to stay as far as possible ... Awesome blasters btw ... are you shooting the wake action pistol matches?
  7. He is a nice guy. I had the chance to have him in my squad a few times and he always takes time to help you or answer any question you might have. Seeing him shot is also a great pleasure.
  8. I'm drooling all over the place. The DVC line looks pretty slick
  9. I use the Phoenix Trinity one on my Edge. Absolutely love it.
  10. I personally clean every time I shoot or at the very least before a match. When competing you want to be sure that your gun will function 100%. That's my opinion at least.
  11. 5.4 grs of Titegroup? max load is 4.7. Could this be a typo?
  12. Well I personally would say that you can't go wrong with the new USPSA Open National Champion ... http://www.goshoot.com/c-474-classes-training.aspx
  13. Never heard of the GRX but it seems much better than the Lee Bulge kit
  14. For plinking and under 200 yards, Wolf 55gr is an awesome deal for the price.
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