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dawson base pad--ball and detent


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I've had to replace the ball and spring on one of my Para pads. I didn't realize that there was a spring under the ball. It must have popped out when the slide came off and I didn't see it. I ordered replacements from Dawson. They come several to a bag. I cleaned the hole real good and installed the spring and ball. All it takes is a little pressure on the top of the ball and pushed the slide part back on. It took about 2 minutes to complete.


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Push the ball in through the little hole and push the slide in the opposite direction that you would to remove the pad from a mag. Comes right off. As your pad wears a little, you might be able to push the slide past the little stop. Order some extras now, before you really need them. So far, I've only lost the ball, never the spring.

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To remove the detent:

Place the base pad inside a 1 gallon ziplock bag

With basepad locking plate in locked position place a small allen wrench inside the hole on the plate and slide it backwards (opposite direction you move it to lock it)

Pray the detent and spring don't find their way out of the bag as they are under some pressure

To install the detent:

Insert sliding portion of the base pad so that the hole on the slidding plate is near the detent hole, leaving the detent hole open so you can install the parts

Place base pad and parts inside 1 gallon ziplock bag lest ye be cussing up a storm and calling Dawson to order more parts

Insert detent spring into hole on base pad

Insert detent

Press detent into hole all the way and slide the locking plate back over the detent until you hear it click into place

Hopefully that will be of some help. One of these days I need to make a video to show how I do the work.

Joe W.

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