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What Are the Latest and Greatest Saiga Mods?


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Greg a fe w questions

Is the JT a true straigt in or do you still rock and lock the mag?

Do the mags take any modification to work with the new magwell?

Can you put weight on them (ie monopod or hold the mag like a grip) and still have it function reliably?

Thanks Cody

Yes it is a true straight in magwell. No rock and lock. You must remoce the front lip and 2 side ribs so it will insert straight in. It takes me about 30seconds with a belt sander. Dremel tool will take a few minutes.

There is no movement with the mag in place and you will not be able move it. Jack holds the mag like a grip to prove that in his video on the last reload.

Nice video. How is the magazine released, it looks like he is using his trigger finger. Is the release activate by a motion perendicular to the receiver (like and AR) or parallel (pushing forward)? Does the release cost extra or is it part of the magwell?

The extended mag release is $30. It makes reloads extremely fast with your hand never leaving the pistol grip.

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