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On Jan 3 I sent them an ordering using a certificate I won plus a check to cover the rest. The check was cashed on Jan 17. Last week I used their Contact Us on the web page to see if they had any idea when I might expect my holster. Nothing. I know most leather holsters are made after they're ordered so I expected a delay. I'd just to know where I am in the queue.

Before you say call them, I did in December with a question and never got through to a real person, besides, a huge peeve of mine is a web site with an email link for information that never gets responded to. :angry2:


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About two years ago I called and ordered a holster from them. I got it in maybe two weeks...maybe a bit less. I thought that was pretty good for a handmade holster and the product was well made. Other than that I don't know much, but they seemed okay to deal with. R,

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Yes, I ordered (about two years ago), my card was charged ahead of shipment,

I had to wait a while after that, but the thing showed up and is OK. No problems in the end.

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