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  1. Linda, I'm sorry for your loss, prayers to you and your family. Bruce
  2. I use Clays with 230gn plated and moly's. Using 4 gr with the moly's out of my Springer 1911 I get ~ 170-172 pf. Same load with plated 230's out og my G21 got me 159pf on a cold day. I'm using 4.2 clays (over the max of 4.0) in my Glock with the plated and am going to try 4.0 with the molys thru the G21. Since I'm using WST for my 9mm moly loads, when my Clays runs out I may just switch to WST for .45 also. Bruce
  3. I do believe it's a combination of the 2. If I tried to load a 1.5 OAL into one of my Glocks by just dropping it in it would hit the rifling and stop. I might be able to press on the end and force it in further but that's where the problems start. When the round goes off there is very very small slice of time where the bullet is passing through the part of the barrel that has no rifling. Then it hits the rifling and starts to spin. If the bullet is already touching the rifling, it takes more pressure to get it both moving and spinning at the same time. Could lead to a KB if it gets bad enough. Hope this helps and if I'm totally off base, someone will enlighten both of us. Bruce
  4. I count 19 stacked ammo boxes in one of the pictures. I have 4x100 9mm, 2x50 9mm and 2x100 .45acp plastic bins. I was wondering how many folks store all their ammo in the plastic bins, versus a box, coffee can or storage bin? I used to dump what I needed into a sturdy cardboard box that bullets came in. It fit very well in the center of my range bag and it was easy to grab a handful of rounds when reloading. At Summer Blast I carried 400 rounds in the plastic bins. They seemed to be a PITA compared to the box. Thanks, Bruce
  5. Jack. Tino sent this out about hotels, although it was sent out on 7/5 so the rates may not be in efeect anymore. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Match Hotel Offering Rooms at $75 per night...be sure to mention S&W Steel Challenge to get this discounted rate: SLEEP INN SOUTHPOINT/5400 SOUTHPOINT BLVD/FREDERICKSBURG, VA/Phone: 540-710-5500 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Other Area Hotels: Country Inn & Suites ($109) 540-898-1800//Comfort Inn Southpoint ($99) 540-898-5550//Hampton Inn ($99) 540-898-5000//Days Inn ($65) 540-898-6800 Range is located at 10101 Benchmark Rd. Fredericksburg, VA 22408). Bruce
  6. Thread drift ahead. RePete are u happy with the Frontiers in 9mm? I use their 230gr in 45acp but haven't tried the 9mm yet. I currently use Precision molys in 9mm. Thanks, Bruce Now back to our normally scheduled thread.
  7. I also used Georgia Arms reloads in 9mm and 45acp, before I started reloading. Never had a problem. They would normally hit the gun shot in Nova so I would order what I needed and pick it up at the show, saved shipping. Bruce
  8. OK risk reward time. Brass cost = free Primer cost = 2.3 cents Having a WMPP blow up in your face when loading .44 Magnum in a Lee hand loader 40 years ago = Hard to forget. They're in the coffee can with the light primer strike, high primers etc. Ah the memories of USMC Combat Engineer School in that fun summer of 1969. Blowing up things with TNT, Dynamite, and the best of all C4. Planting a field of training "Bouncing Betties" right between the bleachers and mess hall and then watching a class of butter bars "blow" themselves up right after an hour long class on what to be on the lookout for when they hit Nam. Creating tank traps by blowing the tops off of trees in a crisscross pattern, then getting to blow up the tank traps. Booby trapping everything in sight in the "free fire zone" and maybe once or twice having the instructor miss it. Thanks for the memories guys. Bruce
  9. I crono'd some 9mm loads out of my G34. Rem 147gr FMJ 3.2gr TG WSP Primer Used brass OAL 1.117~ If I increase the OAL to 1.147~ what effect will it have on my current 130 PF ? Thanks
  10. Loading 3.4 grs of WST under a Precision 147gr moly bullets. I had a flipped primer so I was going slow and trying to see if anything looked funny. Glanced at the round that just moved to station 3 (550b) and noticed the powder level was higher than it should be, not a double load, it looked to be 1.5 times the right amount of powder. There was a bunch of spider web type crap in the bottom of the case. What would have happened if this had slipped through and been fired. I'm guessing nothing since the powder charge was correct and I would assume the web stuff would just vaporize as the powder burned, but I thought I would check. Bruce
  11. Local match. Start facing a wall with a door in the middle. Draw engage 2 targets on the left side of the wall, move right engage 2 more, open door and head down a dark tunnel. Running the clipboard, buzzer goes off, shooter engages the left and right targets and throws the door open, and brings the gun up to engage 2 targets out a port on the left side, just as I see one of the guys on our squad coming walking around the corner. WTF? I yell STOP and everything ends up OK, but it scared the crap out of all of us. The guy downrange had no idea what had just happened. ARO at a sectional match. Start facing up range, turn draw engage 2 targets on the left side run right engage more target and then move back left and down a hallway. Had 5 shooters slip and fall going around the corner. 4 of the 5 kept the gun downrange, jumped up and keep going, although one while laying on the ground looked at the RO with a "what do i do now" look. RO just said Timers Running. The 5th guy ended up falling at weird angle, his arm went under him and I saw what the business end of an Open gun looks like. He jumped up, pointed the gun downrange and was ULSCing before the RO could say it.
  12. Somehow I got a primer installed upside down. I've pulled the bullet, but I assume trying to remove the primer in the press would be a berry-berry bad idea? Bruce
  13. Some folks swear by the BladeTech DOH (Drop Offset Holster), other like Comp-Tac gear. I started shooting with a G17 and got the BladeTech holster with both the DOH (for USPSA) and belt attachments (for IDPA). I switched to a G34 and lucked into a free BlateTech belt holster for it. The 34 would fit the 17 holster but with about 1/2" sticking out the bottom. I use BladeTech double pouches and a Wilderness 5 stitch belt. Bruce
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