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My Friends 1911


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A friend of mine wants to start shooting his .45. I said what do you got and he pulls out a 1911 that he got in an estate sale last year. This is the same guy who sold me my last BHP for $250.00.

I wish I knew how to post pictures but here's the discription;

It says government model and is blued with Bomars. It has a lowered ejection port and the ramp inside the magwell looks polished. The magwell is beveled and the top of the slide is not polished but flat and non-reflective. It is in excellent condition and he took the Hogues off it and put back the stock panels which I think I like better than the Hogues.

There is a really nice stippling on the front strap, but it's not checkered.

It has a great trigger, probably around 2-3 pounds. My brownings are 4 and this is lighter and crisper.

This thread should be Things I Covet. I like Millets because not only are they what I'm used to, but I shoot best with that plain black on black subdued sight picture, but those Bomars are sweet and to me they look the same when I'm looking down the slide as my Millets.

So what do you think this thing is worth? Me likee and I think I could talk him into selling it if the price is right. There can't be more than 1K through this thing. No bluing wear, seems like it'd be a great SS gun.

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