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Speer TMJ 9mm

Mo Hepworth

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used to use those long long time ago..

great bullet...really accurate and inexpensive too..

Used to drive up to Lewiston ID..and there was a sporting goods store there that dealed the factory seconds..at that time..about 2/3 the price..so loaded up the car as much as I could and back to Boise..

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Hey Mo, I've used Speer in the past and they're a really good bullet... No experience with the 147 TMJ though, only 40 S&W here

Kurt sent me half order of Speer, other half Montana. I had problems with plated in my USP (keyhole/tumbling), but I intend to use this ammo in my Tanfoglio.

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Good point on them being electroplated.

Is that bad? NO! Fact is, the Speer Gold Dot is an electroplated design. Speer's plating is either thicker or more uniform than some other brands of electroplated bullets. Speer's bullets simply WORK.

But it is funny how they go to such great lengths to hide the fact that their product is electroplated. Won't find the "E" word anywhere on their website.

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