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First Time Out Practicing with Timer & Buddy

Olin Broke

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Saturday my friend (an experienced IPSC shoorter) and I went to the range for some timed practices.

Well I started out with draw and fire times at 2.04. At the end of 150 rounds I was down to 1.56. On double taps I went from .94 to .36/56.

All in all, I had a great time and learned a great deal, i.e., Grip, Front sight tracking, etc.

I will be shooting a Glock 34 in production.

Sights = Dawson Precision Adjustable rear and post front (Non-FO).

Loads = 124 gr Rainers, 4.6 grs of WSF, 130PF, Soft and accurate

Practice, Practice, Practice

Thx for reading,

O.B. :P

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I really need to find a practice partner with the same desire and goals. I find that all of my practice is done alone and I think it is easier to slack when you do not have someone else to push you.

Congrats and keep cranking :cheers:

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Thanks for the kind words and suggestions.

Your right when you say shoot & practice with someone that's better than you.

I'm fortunate, in that, my partner, coach and friend spent a number of years on one of the Army's Marksmanship Team.

The fact is he introduced me to IPSC and I introduced him to Cowboy Action Shooting. Kind of gives us something to do on the weekends.

Best to all for a great Thanksgiving Day Holiday,


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