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Removeing Scope mount

Theo Carter

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Assuming you're talking about hex screws & loctite:

Take the slide off the frame. Get a lighter to heat up the threads from the INSIDE - interior of the dust-cover area. A long-snout lighter like my wife uses to light candles is the easiest.

[you don't need a torch]

Get the hex wrench on the face of the screw while you get a little flame on the other end that's inside the dust cover. That's it.

The hardest one will be the screw going into the frame-ramp area. The mount should now swivel since you're on the last screw. Swivel the scope up a little & put a little extra heat on the last screw. It should pop loose & unscrew.

Clean out the screw-holes with q-tip & brake cleaner, same for the screws if they are to be used again.

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