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Second Barrel fit to slide ?


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<_< OK I'm thinking and my GS = Gun Smith is out of town. So the thinking part is making my head hurt.

I don't much care for the Shorty Guns but my Steel Challenge gun is 4 3/4" to the start of the comp.

My new very great Benny gun =,Thanks for the first place finish in A Benny=, is the standard 5" to the comp. and has one pop-hole in it. it doubles as a Team Challenge gun and shoots very good at 40 yards. Shuman Ultra match barrel

More than what is needed for IPSC

Now the thinking part What about getting a Trubore T1 barrel set up from STI and begging Benny to fit it to the Slide that I have ? with one more pop-hole in it . The Trubore T1 barrel and comp would be 1/4" shorter than what I have and I could use it as just an IPSC setup and :unsure: Save? :unsure: my Shuman for the long range shooting

I have seen the two Slide top setups for one frame but not herd of a two barrel setup for one slide.

Is Benny going to laugh at that. I got to spend my STI Contingency $$$ cash any way.

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I ask the same thing from STI last year before having a second top end built. Just doing the barrel would have saved alot of money but, they didn't recommend it, sorry I can't remember the reason(s), but didn't have a problem with a complete top end. I'm no smith but I still don't see why not.

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