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5.5 bull barrel.


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I have a kind of rare gun that I been meaning to restore. I'm going to pick up it up from a friend that has had it for a while and never fixed it. it is an Eagle 5.5 chambered in .45. the barrel is cracked and I cannot find a replacement for the life of me. I had 2 ideas... buy a new 5" barrel and trim the slide, but that defeats the pourpose of having a 5.5. The other idea was to buy a 6" bull, and cut it to approximately 5-5/8" then crown it, give it to my gunsmith and let him fit it.

I have some down time and am trying to keep as busy as I can. I figured revamping this gun would be relatively simple and gratifying. unles of course someone knows where to get a 5.5" barrel. Anyone?

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thanks Eric. I knew the option was always open to go w a pro, but I have a smith here locally that works on my stuff, and if we can just get the stinkin barrel, He could fit it for me without having to ship my gun over 3 states and be put on hold for a few. If I found the part, or had to reduce a 6", I could literally order the part, drive 2.5 miles to his house. (we just happen to live off the same street, and he usually grabs the gun, gets to work, and if he has the parts, He fixes it right there. If not he orders it, when the part comes in, bam.. done. He's good enough for Taran and a few others as well. I'll call Benny when I need that FF 6"! I probably should just drive the gun up to him in a few days. I have the Flu now, so I dont want to infect him. I just figured that If I had the gun/barrel in 1 hand, 12 pack in the other, I would have another fun-ctioning .45 gun with some flare to it, ready to rock n roll in a matter of an hour or 2.

Just kinda thought about something. it never really crossed my mind until now. I have seen eagle 5's and 6's, but I have never seen anyone else with a 5.5 gun like this. Is this gun rarer than I think? Custom? I bought it from texas years ago. cant find any data for a 5.5 eagle .45.. no one understands what I'm looking for. it has almost convinced these retailers that I am asking them a trick question! I truly am looking for a replacement sti barrel for my 5.5 slide If there is such a thing... Is there such a thing????

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Hello: You will have to get a 6" bull barrel and your smith will have to fit it. It can be cut off afterwards to the length you want depending on the look. I have seen one of the 5.5" guns Benny built for a local shooter and it looks and works great. I think there are some fitting issues but if your smith is that good then it should be no problem. Thanks, Eric

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