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Para 14-45 magazines in Para 16-40?


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Q: Anyone try using their Para 14-45 magazines to run .40 S&W in their Para 16-40? I can't find my Kalifornia grown P16-40 normal capacity magazines, and have some old 14-45 magazines that I could use. I could build a .40 top end for my 14-45 and use my 14-45 magazines, or buy a new 16-40 (I know, the votes are in regarding the Paras, and they're not all favorable). But, I would like to know if the 14-45 magazines will run well.

Thanks in advance,

2-(I want the extra 3 rounds)-Alpha

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I've used XD-40 mags in my XD-9 --- the key is to adjust the feedlips "just right". If you can find a measurement across the opening at the top of a P16-40 magazine then squeeze the P14-45 feed lips to that same dimension, you might have a chance of it working well. Otherwise the rounds will sit too high in mag or maybe even jump out. Good luck!


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I know it works. I've got the mag to prove it. You "may" need to bend the lips inward, probably not.

Try it for yourself and see. A friend gave me a P14 mag he had been usiing as a "Barney" mag for years in his P16. I took it and use it for my P14.


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Short answer, Yes. It CAN work. the posts made note of the issues.

- the feedlips will need to be tweaked, very slightly... measure a .40 mag and also load it and observe how the top round sits in the feed lips. how high it sits, and the angle. You need to match this.

- The body creases, correct, the .45 tube doesn't have the creases, but all this does it make for a rattly mag, they still stack just fine all the internal parts are identical otherwise.

- bending the feedlips, use a wide-nose (duckbill) plier, and if possible one without serrations at the tip so you don't gouge the lips.

I just grabbed the last 2mm of the lips and rolled them in, remember it's only ~.025" per side...bend the tiniest bit and load a round to see how it sits.

One thing that has been giving me problems is the stock springs have a bend to them the last couple coils that makes them drag (in my .40's, my mod.45 didn't have this) a quick tweak to straighten them and no more trouble.


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